Charity Art Event ‘Art for Ukraine’

On Saturday, March 12, Ukrainian-American artist and owner of an art gallery in Norwalk, CT, Oksana Tanasiv held a charity art event to benefit her homeland. ‘Russia’s brutal attack shocked the world. Ukraine, a peaceful country in the middle of Europe, was invaded by Russian fascists on February 24. Thousands of troops and tanks are shelling cities. Thousands of civilians including kids, women, the elderly are being killed. Millions of refugees have left their homes and headed toward Western countries. Many cities, towns, industrial facilities are being bombed and destroyed. I am staying with my home country and my people today and organize a charity initiative, ‘Art for Ukraine,‘  the artist said.

The gallery presented art works by Oksana Tanasiv, Miro Duzinkevich, Oksana Rudenko, Irina Rodnikoff, Elen Zelin, Paul Larson, Julie DiBiase, and other artists who donated their art to benefit the charity cause. All funds raised from the artworks presented for sale have been donated to Ukrainian medical centers, the Ukrainian Army, refugee camps, and other people in need.

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