Stand with Ukraine Benefit

ODDS CONCEPT is a multi-brand contemporary boutique located in the Miami Design District. The store was founded by Ukrainian Liza Naumova and managed by her fellow countrywoman, Tatiana Zabora. Tatiana and her team curate an extensive collection of unique and adventurous designers and artists worldwide. One enters the boutique and is immediately struck at the juxtaposition of conventional beauty and artistry. It is a place to wander, browse, and get lost in potential.

On the evening of May 19, ODDS CONCEPT held a formal cocktail event titled ‘ODDS Stands with Ukraine Benefit: Supporting the Future of Ukrainian Artists and Designers.‘
ODDS showcased the work of 20 talented Ukrainian creators explicitly selected to represent the best of Ukrainian artistry and community. The fundraiser was structured to help these and other artists who now find themselves trying to produce art while fleeing the ongoing war in their home country. Through clothing, art, ticket sales, and direct contributions, ODDS provided funding to help Ukrainian artists and ensure that they continue creating future collections and artwork. The pieces presented in this meaningful benefit included avant-garde clothing, physical art, and non-fungible tokens (NFT).
Oksana Mas, an artist who recently sold a complex, important art piece through Sotheby’s, presented her ubiquitous and imaginative eggs. In a sly, fun reference to the eastern European tradition of egg decoration, Oksana lovingly decorates her eggs with, at times, nudes, abstract flowers, fauna, or even motorcycles. A sample of her vibrant collection was on display and available for sale to benefit other artists.Digital Twins, a new company with a mission to blend digital and physical worlds, presented an NFT of a gorgeous ring and another of a pair of earrings. The lucky purchaser would also receive the actual piece of jewelry and the digital image.

Guests dressed in formal wear shopped and experimented with new clothing designs or gazed at the art. As they were chatting with the artists, it was clear that the guests were highly motivated by the thought that their support would directly impact Ukraine. Towards the end of the evening, the ODDS staff increased the excitement by handing out small Ukrainian flags and presenting Angelina Statieva, a Ukrainian artist and singer. She immediately started singing the Ukrainian national anthem.
The anthem originates from a 19th-century Ukrainian poem titled ‘Ukraine Has Not Yet Died,’ set to music. On a highly ironic note, it was outlawed to sing and perform the song when Ukraine became part of the Soviet Union in 1922. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the song regained anthemic status, and in 1992, the country’s parliament once again adopted the tune as an anthem.
Angelina started the anthem with an almost sad and haunting tone but one that quickly switched to involvement and joy. No one was left indifferent as Angelina’s last tones rang out. It was a beautiful end to the evening. Everyone attending agreed that Tatiana and her team needed to be commended for providing their space and commitment to such an important matter.

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