In Pablo Escobar’s Footsteps

Casa Malca is a luxury retreat where guests can enjoy attentive and dedicated service, maximum privacy and enter the alternative reality created by art, design, and decoration. The contemporary art hotel in Mexico was an estate owned by notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar.
Casa Malca opened in 2014 with only eight rooms in the main house after having been acquired by Lio Malca. However, today the hotel has 72 rooms, and room prices start at $1,400 per night. Lio Malca created a new and unique concept in
Tulum with part of his collection of contemporary art distributed in various spaces. The world-famous Mickey Mouse-like figure by Kaws welcomes guests at Casa Malca, and whenever I arrive at Hamad International Airport, I say hello to it!

Mark Ryden’s huge masterpiece ‘Rosie’s Tea Party’ can be found in the lobby. And there are numerous paintings everywhere in the lobby and the rooms. Each room is beautifully decorated with unique furniture and artwork, personally chosen by Lio Malca. The feeling of nature is around the rooms with ocean and garden views. I am just wondering how beauty and crazy energy can coexist in one place.

The philosophy of the place is to turn off your brain to enjoy the moment. You don’t need to be critical about things like a curtain made of wedding dresses, a window-shaped photo frame, or a sofa on the ceiling. Let the art surprise and delight you!

I could smell the pleasant scent of incense everywhere there. The smell of rosemary is barely noticeable in the bars. By the way, there are two bars, three restaurants, and a rooftop with a 360-degree view where guests can watch the most beautiful sunset over the jungle. Philo-
sophy, the main restaurant, has incredible views of the blue sea during the day and is silvered by the moon at night. The restaurant offers its customers delicious dishes from organic products, using the unique opportunities of the region. Next up is Ambrosia, an Asian specialty restaurant with dishes created by Chef Jonathan Carbajal Alvarado. I learned an interesting fact that Ambrosia is completely built from recycled wood after the Casa Malca renovation. The restaurant is a kind of small gallery of artist Keith Haring.

The Beach Club, Head of a Mad Man, is named after Jean Michel Basquiat’s work, which has a great sentimental value for Lio Malca. The restaurant concept invites guests to enjoy an excellent grill and the best seafood accompanied by a glass of rosé, the perfect combination for a day at the beach. M-Pastry, the pastry and bakery, is an authentic example of talent and creativity. Tasting the bread baked daily for breakfast or the signature desserts in the various restaurants will become a sensory experience. The Main House Bar is a work of art.

The wallpaper with Keith Haring’s famous patterns covers the walls and the ceiling, making you feel inside his world. Juices, smoothies, and delicious cocktails are prepared there during the day. When you cast a glance at the 180 meters of the beach, you involuntarily feel the presence of beauty.
The good news is that Casa Malca announces the upcoming opening of CALMA SPA that is, as the name suggests, an ideal place for inner calm and balance. The spa will include a gym and hydrotherapy facilities. It offers guests an aromatherapy steam room, a body scrub bar, refreshing showers, a sauna, a cold plunge pool, a spa pool with whirlpool elements. Guests will also enjoy the CALMA relaxation area, which offers breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. CALMA SPA’s team of professionals have taken the time to carefully select experiences inspired by Mayan traditions, exclusive world-class treatments, and advanced skincare.

From the name to every detail, Casa Malca’s concept embodies the core principle of welcoming guests as if they were at home.

In addition, people there are unusual, charismatic, who, in their way, bring uniqueness to this world. To sum up, Casa Malca is a magical place that provides each guest with experiential and unforgettable memories. Mexico is a spectacular destination that has surprised me with its lightness, where a marvelous transformation is happening right now.
It is a pleasure to rest there!

Author: Oleksii Didihurov

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