Art Concept: ‘We Give Emotions’

Custom Wrap Design (CWD) is one of the most famous vehicle wrapping companies in Miami. Its customers are famous singers, bloggers, athletes, and just owners of expensive cars. The company’s slogan is ‘We do not sell film – we give emotions.’

CWD implements bright projects for bright people, projects for those who are ready to conquer the world with their offbeat style. Life is too short to drive boring cars. And in early May, the Custom Wrap Design studio unveiled a new project that will become decoration in the streets of Miami. The star of that evening event was a literally shining Maserati Levante and its owner, charming Galina. The project combined several styles at once: fashion, art, and lux.
It was the first private event of its kind, which the guys from CWD hosted in their studio. The design of the car was strikingly unique, the world has never seen such a project before. One side is covered with crystals that are iridescent in the light. This is a special film made from glass bits. The other side is decorated by an artist who took into account all the wishes of the owner and carefully worked out the details. The CWD team paid special attention to every element. The door space is red, it matches other red details of the car and its interior. All Maserati badges are studded with Swarovski crystals, and inside the car there is a starry ceiling with shooting stars – all that gives the impression that you are in outer space.

All guests were delighted with the car design and the event itself, and this project will be submitted for world nominations in the future.
CWD is set to continue impressing customers with its awesome ideas and crazy designs. If you want your car to become a star on the road – you know whom you can turn to.

Owner of CWD studio Vitali Markau.

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