All in Bright Colors

Alla BOYKO is a perfect example of a self-made woman who at one point changed her life and completely devoted herself to creative flow. The happy mother of three children has discovered a brave artist inside her and now impresses the world with bright artworks.

Alla, could you please share your recipe for being able to keep up with life? How do you manage to combine motherhood and art?
I believe that there will always be enough time for the work you really love. I started my career thanks to the children – a few years ago, I brought them to drawing classes and joined them for company. But a simple hobby very quickly grew into the true mission of my whole life. I don’t have to choose between the family and art, because the family gives me strength for art, and vice versa! Having enough sources of inspiration in my arsenal, I am charged with emotions, which I then transmit to my children and pass on in my paintings. And I’m usually inspired by picturesque landscapes, travel, works by other artists, something interesting from the fashion industry – basically it could be anything bright!

Could you please describe the idea and purpose of your work?
Most of my works today can be seen on the All-in online gallery’s Instagram account. I hope that art fans’ impressions coincide with my own goal – to charge people up with positive energy. In my daily life, I practice the philosophy of feng shui and other spiritual practices that are reflected in the meditative images of my paintings.

Which artists do you follow today?
First, it is Igor Sakharov, a master of lyrical landscapes. Also, I’d like to mention Aziz Sulaimanov, who has mastered the art of floral still life paintings, and Patrice Murciano with his New Pop style.


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