Art Of Performance And Installation

Danylo Kovach is a young Ukrainian artist working in the field of graphics, painting, installation art, and performance art.

His work is aimed at boosting the expansion of performance and installation art practices in Ukrainian creative centers, which consistently relates to ongoing social and cultural developments. His artworks are an example of this phenomenon and at the same time reveal a comprehensive approach to the theoretical and practical components. Attention is also given to various aspects of visual expressiveness.
In my artistic practice, I consciously deal with discrepancies in the visual (material) and historical space of the city, comparing metaphorical and practical experiences of objectivity.

Namely, it is the creation of monumental paintings that symbolize the violation of human rights.
I use ordinary rubber mats in front of the door to create a canvas. These formative elements reveal new meanings that call into question the understanding of objects and scenes and how they ’communicate.’
I create a semiotic language of images that reveal a story to each of us, which, in turn, initiates processes in the field of activity that are formed through cooperation, communication, and an aesthetic exchange of experiences.
It is interesting to see how the formative elements in the human mind do not coincide with the physical space. Such type of art helps get acquainted with the common root connections of unauthorized living conditions, which, in this context, are closely related to events in Ukraine’s history.

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