Art Basel in Miami: a travel to art guide for the joyful voyage

Art Basel in Miami: a travel to art guide for the joyful voyage. 

The most long-awaited event of the Art season starts next week from Monday – ART BASEL IN Miami – with no exaggeration, will become the Mecca of contemporary art. There are so many bright and significant events that Travel to art considers it a special duty to equip you with a guide, a kind of «lighthouse» in the voyage through the sea of pavilions, events and a true celebration of art.

So the hottest time is coming for gallery owners and artists, collectors and art dealers, other professionals and art lovers in the field of art, the last preparations are being completed and the anticipation is growing – the American and world public will soon gather at Basel Miami Beach art. And only uninitiated people still do not know that art has long stepped over the boundaries of just a “picture on the wall”, and such events as the Art Basel Miami fair have long outgrown this stereotype. In the modern format, art is media art, performances, choreography, ecology, politics, and even cryptocurrencies. There will be many panel discussions, disputes, interesting initiatives of curatorial groups, presentations, competitions and other interactions with the audience, ways of influence and new high-profile discoveries.

So, when setting your voyage, it is always better to understand all the details while on the shore.

One can fine 11 sites in total at Miami Basel art week: 

  • Art Basel Miami Beach
  • Dising Miami
  • Untitled Art
  • Art Miami
  • Context Art Miami
  • Scope
  • Ink Mimi Art  Fair
  • Pinta Miami
  • Spectrum
  • NADA (New  Art Diealers Allanse)
  • Prizm 
  • Miami River Art Fair

At these sites, we are awaiting for a lot of different series of events, sometimes more than 20 at the same time,so we will try to point at the most interesting and significant ones in our opinion, in order to help you orient yourself and adjust your plans. 

Art Basel Miami Beach

Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach

VIP Previews: Tuesday, Nov. 29–Wednesday, Nov. 30
Public Days: Thursday, Dec. 1–Saturday, Dec. 3
Open  day from December 1 –  December 3

Single day ticket – 70$
Art Basel Miami Beach has served as a dynamic platform uniquely bridging the art scenes of North and South America, Europe, and beyond. The edition marking its 20th anniversary will be the largest to date, featuring 282 exhibitors from 38 countries and territories – more than half of which hail from the Americas. In addition to its Galleries, Positions, Nova, Survey, and Edition sectors, the fair will host 20 large-scale projects as part of the Meridians sector, 29 curated installations within exhibitors’ booths in the Kabinett sector, as well as nine panels with leading art world voices in its renowned Conversations series.
‘Let The Mermaids Flirt with Me’ (2022), a presentation of a new suite of stainedglass paintings in lightboxes by Christopher Myers, installed within a freestanding octagonal structure evoking a chapel. Exploring the relationships between Black bodies, diaspora, and the ocean, this deeply poetic work will be activated by a performance, animating the figures depicted in the glass. Presented by James Cohan Gallery.
‘Columbus Day’ (2019-2020) Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds, which consists of 24 primary ink mono prints and 24 ‘ghost prints’, which are the secondary pull of the print plates and represent how Indigenous communities are often viewed – namely, as “not there,” faded and having disappeared. The text of the prints highlights the destruction of these communities and their lands by Columbus and consequences through the present day. Presented by K Art. 
For the full list of artists and galleries presenting in Meridians, please visit
Margot Bergman’s never-before-seen flower paintings that are part of her ‘collaborative paintings’ (2013), which merge Bergman’s approach with original authorship of thrifted works. Presented by Anton Kern Gallery.
For the full list of artists and galleries represented in Kabinett, please visit
Conversations Conversation is a platform for the exchange of ideas on topics concerning the global contemporary art scene. Featuring 35 speakers across nine panels. It will bring together leading artists, gallerists, collectors, curators, museum directors, and critics. The Conversations program at Art Basel Miami Beach will embrace the concepts of hybridity, cross-pollination and community with nine panels gathering leading voices from Latin America, the US, and Europe.
‘The Miami Effect: the Craig Robins, de la Cruz, and Margulies Collections’, featuring leading Florida-based collectors in conversation with Jane Wooldridge, Senior Director, Miami Herald, to mark 20 years of Art Basel Miami Beach
A sonic lecture by artist Chino Amobi and crypto-entrepreneur Moon Jérin.
Running from November 30 to December 2, the program is curated by Emily Butler, Art Basel’s Conversations Curator, and is free to the public. All nine panels will be livestreamed on Art Basel’s Facebook channel. Recordings will be available on Art Basel’s website following the event. See the full program at

Untitled Art

Ocean Drive & 12th Street, Miami Beach

VIP Preview: Monday, Nov. 28
Public Days: Tuesday, Nov. 29–Saturday, Dec. 3
Single day ticket – 45$

The next large-scale project is the art fair UNTITLED ART. The artistic director of this project, Omar Lopes-Chahoud, has already been interviewed by Travel to Art. This pavilion itself is an eco concept- it always takes place on the beach and for the 11th time declares support for the ecosystem (careful use of the same equipment and at the end of the fair, one leaves  instead of the built  pavilion – a clean beach).  This year it is focused on three things – cooperation between local and by the world art community, rethinking the role of the art fair in the modern cultural landscape: it was decided to reduce the emphasis on commercialization. Subsidized places were given to 30 new galleries, an opportunity was given to make an inclusive project, and for the first time conditions were created for the development of art writers – competition, residence and so on. All conditions have been created for interpenetration between collectors and scientists, dialogue between art critics and  art-scientists and curators. And for the third time the famous Ukrainian gallery of conceptual art of gallerists Voloshin will be presented. The works of Nikita Kadan will be presented – reflections on the history of the war in general, attempts to reflect on the theme of the war and the current aggression of Russia.

Lesia Khomenko, Untitled, 2022. Courtesy the artist and Voloshyn Gallery

Lesia Khomenko, Untitled, 2022. Courtesy the artist and Voloshyn Gallery

Interesting art works by De Wit from the stand of the gallery Asya Geisberg, from ceramic objects that relate to the study of the relationship of man with the natural environment and artificial space at the same time, as well as the luminescent experiment of Yulia Iosilzon at the stand of Carvalho B48.
 Special project with artist Rachel Garrard, for example, will present an installation of large rusty steel sculptures that appear as if from sand, on which there are imitated line drawings that create ornaments and geometric shapes. Among the new participants this year are the Mexican and Norwegian galleries of Daniel Elbajar (Mexico City, Mexico); General expenses (Mexico City, Mexico); ISCA Gallery (Oslo, Norway).
Untitled Art is pleased to present a list of over 140 international galleries and non-profit art organizations from 30 countries participating in its 11th and most international edition to date. An independent fair taking place from November 29 to December 3, 2022 on the sands of Miami Beach at Ocean Drive and 12th Street and it’s next to the next SCOPE pavilion – which means you won’t have to walk far to continue watching.
We recommend scheduling your breakfast or lunch at the Betsy Boutique Hotel and be sure to visit their library. The hotel is imbued with an elegant atmosphere of art and floristry, and dinner at the legendary Gianni’s restaurant, which is located in the historic Versace mansion. It’s all close by on the legendary art deco /ocean drive.


Ocean Drive & 8th Street, Miami Beach

VIP Preview: Tuesday, Nov. 29
Public Days: Wednesday, Nov. 30–Sunday, Dec. 4
Singl day ticket – 60$

This year The New Contemporary  program originated from the SCOPE  aims to showcase contemporary art with a global lens and engage in critical issues and global politics.Foundation, which launched Contemporary will feature
daily programming showcasing large-scale installations, music performances, and panel discussions during the day while continuing long-standing commitment to wellness in atrium. Guests are encouraged to attend morning programming and guided meditation, against the backdrop of beautiful South Beach. This multi-day destination will continue to transform after-hours into a premium nightlife experience and feature world-classmusic talent at night. Both street art and large-scale digital installations and more than 130 different contemporary exhibitors from around the world will be presented, and a special feature will be Interactive: artist and engineer Jen Lewin has created a towering 12-foot-tall lighted infinity mirrored bear. Inspired by the dazzling natural phenomena of Polaris (the North Star) and its constellation Ursa Minor, the sculpture’s multi-paneled infinity mirrored body reminds viewers to look up in amazement and wonder. SCOPE is proud to partner with Creative Artists Agency on a diverse curation of innovative NFT- minted artwork SCOPE VIP tickets for the show.
These minted tickets feature editioned artwork celebrating SCOPE’s The New Contemporary Program. SCOPE will partner with digital marketplace YellowHeart for a second year to create the first-of-its-kind blockchain ticketing solution. Museum Presents focused on emerging contemporary art market trends concentrating on talent from India, North Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, and Indonesia; SCOPE’s second edition of Museum Presents featured China. The exhibition presented a selection of contemporary Chinese art from the
Saatchi Gallery. The SCOPE VIP Digital Stage will host intimate yet monumental panel discussions throughout daily programming. All of this occurs alongside large-scale installations,  VIP tours, music, creating an amazing experience for those attending.
 The highlight of the art show will be the Cut art gallery, which will present the works of the legendary David Lynch.

Kathy Taylor, Stargazing. See|Me Gallery

Tatiana An, Listen. See|Me Gallery


1 Herald Plaza, NE 14th Street & Biscayne Bay, Miami

VIP Preview: Tuesday, Nov. 29
Public Days: Wednesday, Nov. 30–Sunday, Dec. 4
Single day ticket – 57$

Art Miami, the next participant in a large-scale art fair
The pavilion is located just opposite the bay, surrounded by the historic center and palm trees. It shares space with partner fair Context. The atmosphere reigning in the pavilion and around resembles heavenly places of unearthly pleasures, and yet this is the oldest fair, the most commercially oriented and with the longest history – it is 32 years old, so the pool of galleries here is the most respectable, having proven itself for a very long time, but there are also new carefully selected. Installation and media art are also now presented along with the usual painting and graphics. And yes, it’s massive. Over 600 artists from 17 countries and 155 galleries from Europe, Asia and Africa.
 Art Miami also features several artists who donate a portion of their sales to assist various Ukrainian fundraisers in support of the Ukrainian Army. British printmaker Phil Shaw has released a limited edition of his solidarity prints (2022) to be exhibited at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery (AM427) with the proceeds donated to charity. Separately, it is worth noting Ukrainian artists, such as the Avant Gallery exhibition (AM236) and the Kyiv sculpture of Lina Condes “The Thinker” (2022) made of stainless steel. She is a member of the Venice Biennale and Art Dubai, a follower of Jeff Kunst.  It was decided to support the Ukrainians here in particular, against the backdrop of the ongoing war.

Lina Condes, The Thinker, 2022.

Korean Run Gallery (AM300) features the work of leading artists, including Chun Kwang Yong, whose main material is handmade paper. His works –  three-dimensional objects wrapped and bound with this paper are impressive.

A special object of the exhibition will be two stands of Hollis Taggart (AM319, AM511). The gallery features a stunning selection of colorful abstract paintings by contemporary artists Hollis Heyhemer and Alex Kanevsky. Mostly these are bright abstract works or everyday scenes from New Hampshire.

INK Miami Art Fair

Suites of Dorchester
1850 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139

Single day ticket – free
The Dorchester Hotel South Beach

The only art fair where art prints will be sold at more affordable prices, admission to which is free of charge is held on the territory of a very atmospheric hotel.
INK Miami Art Fair is pleased to announce its list of exhibitors for 2022, ranging from national and international publishers to nonprofits and galleries with a specific focus on works on paper. Exhibitors for this Fair are selected for their outstanding ability to offer collectors a diverse survey of 20th-century masterworks and newly released editions by leading contemporary artists. Founded in 2006, the INK Miami Art Fair has distinguished itself through the quality of its works and exhibitors and its unique location in a lush open-air courtyard surrounded by suites transformed into uniquely defined gallery spaces for visitors to explore. During its 15 years, the Fair has attracted a loyal following among museum curators and committed collectors of works on paper.

Many fairs have made digital floor plans available through apps or online. This will help a lot if you want to study the layout in advance, understand what you want to find or see and create your route. Art fairs also produce digital content for attendees who cannot attend in person, such as Untitled and Art Basel, both of which have popular podcasts. Recognizing the global reach of art fairs, Art Basel also launched its Online Viewing Rooms virtual platform in February 2020, which allows users to view stands from home. The fair also hosts recordings of programs such as talks and panels on its website along with content created specifically for each fair, including video interviews with artists, dealers and collectors.

David Humphrey, Ghost Pileup 1, 2019  Island Press  

bARBER, b and e, 2021. Island Press

“Must” visit recommendations on South Beach

– The Wolfsonian Design History Museum.
– Unique place: Boutique Design Showhouse (Sogol Platform) where the presentation of the capsule collection Luca Artioli will take place (December 3 from 11 am till 11 pm).
A small dark room used normally for audio recording has been transformed into a magical place with the photos of Luca Artioli.
The room is now a capsule collection and a preview of the artist’s work: “Speak To Me with your Eyes” in Italian is “Parlami con gli occhi”.
– Art place Faena, a  five-star resort where various art events will be presented at grand opening on November 29th at 6pm.
– for meat lovers, we recommend the Argentinian restaurant Baires Grill, which made a joint collaboration with art gallery 5976. The project is available from November 26 to December 4.
– the best Instagram location hotel pool: National Hotel Miami Beach.

So, with the help of this small announcement, you can make your participation more productive and tune in to what efforts, funds and time you have to really spend, provide for various special  features of your personal voyage of Travel to art, imagine in advance the size, scale, quantity and find out what is right for you and make your art week more exciting. Well, good luck to everyone and see you with art in the pavilions of Art Basel Miami. We will definitely be there. What about you?

Author: Olga Adam

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