Ukrainian Art as Niche for Investment

It is no exaggeration to say that Ukraine in 2022 has become a country from which the history of the formation of the future geopolitical world of the third millennium will begin.

The war against the people of Ukraine in 2022 has been testing such institutions as NATO (1949), the United Nations (1945), and the EU (1957).

For the first time since World War II, the issue of world security is once again the main thing. And at the heart of this matter is Ukraine. And as like the same time in 1939-1945, the Ukrainian people are again fighting heroically, being guided by the Live Free or Die motto.

The victory the Ukrainian people will win in 2022 will be commemorated in a few years in all countries near the monuments that will be built in honor of Ukraine.

The national yellow-and-blue flags will be flying nearly all state institutions of civilized countries, history books will be telling about the new geopolitical system of the world, starting with the name of the state ‘Ukraine.’

Just as Abraham Lincoln once initiated the abolition of slavery in the United States, so the Ukrainians are now laying the foundations for a new world geopolitical system.
Such a global turning point is now engraved in the paintings of Ukrainian artists. It is not a specific prediction that in the next decade, most of the artistic events in Europe and America will feature Ukrainian artists. Ukraine will receive primarily grants and financial assistance in support of the development of intellectual potential, including the artistic one.

The intellectuals of the world, who understand geopolitics and the importance of art, will not be able to ignore the Ukrainian issue. Art is what preserves and transmits history for us. Not just history as fact, but history in emotions, colors, and feelings.

There is no doubt that today we have been facing such a brutal, unprecedented and cynical war for such ideas as ‘nationality,‘ ‘independence,‘ ‘democracy‘ in the heart of Europe for the first time in the past 80 years. What emotions and feelings do Ukrainian artists have? And what colors will they use on their canvases? We will soon see answers to these questions, and in a few decades, unprecedented prices will be announced for Ukrainian artworks at auctions. Everything will be Ukraine!

Svitlana Moroz, Attorney, Ph.D.,
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Author: Svitlana Moroz Managing Partner, Attorney, Ph.D.,

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