A Ukrainian art party in Miami Beach

Travel to Art, an American gloss with a Ukrainian soul, organized a party for the Ukrainian art community Miami Beach to sum up Art Basel Miami 2022 and share ideas for Art Week Miami 2023.

Art community gathered at the Boutique Design Showhouse, a unique concept art house with a magical garden designed by interior designer Sogol Afsharjavan.
Among the decor one could find: art postcard “beauties collection” from the Ukrainian artist Alla Boyko, who is now in Rome preparing a new project for the Miami public art installations from the Ukrainian brand mememe, where the founder of the project Vlad Guristimba raffled gifts for the guests of the evening.

The winners were the representatives of the Ukrainian project Rudenko Art Pro, and the daughter of the famous Ukrainian artist Andrey Chernovol.
All the guests of the evening had the opportunity to join the painting “Magic Garden – Ukraine”, this performance was attended not only by Ukrainian artists, but also by well-known artists from Argentina Havi Schanz and Luca Artioli, an Italian photographer.
Acrylic paints from the Ukrainian manufacturer Art Kompozit were used in the art work, the brand, according to Dmitry Ostapenko, will also soon be introduced to the American market.

“My big dream is that this painting be presented at my own Ukrainian fair in 2023 as part of Art Week Miami. Now every artist in Ukraine is an ambassador of peace, and it is so important for us to convey to every heart through art what politics cannot solve” said Alexey Didihurov, publisher of Travel to Art and the ideological inspirer of the art community in Miami.

Among the guests there were Silvia Barisione chief curator of the Wolfsonian museum, Tatyana Zabora, who represented two young Ukrainian artists: Les Panchyshyn, Yuliya Grzmehle at the Spectrum fair, as well as Denis Belkevich, an international art expert, Diana Dorozhkina, Svetlana Kirichik and her husband.
Avessa publishing house was a reliable media partner.

Our journey with Travel to Art continues, join and be a part of it!

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