What is the phenomenon of the NFT?

Farahnaz is Iranian  – Canadian artist was born in Iran. It is more than twenty-five years since Farah began to put paint to canvas professionally. She is graduated in Fine Art & Interior Design at the prestigious University of Tehran. In Canada, She further extended her art education as a graduate of Emily Carr University in Vancouver. She showcased her art work in more than 200 solo and group exhibitions in Iran and Canada. She participated several times in art battles in Canada and she was twice a ‘Battle of the Brush’ Champion at art competitions in Vancouver. With a flair to the abstract, Her art work is highly contemporary and formative, and is increasingly being purchased by collectors, designers and galleries across North America , Iran and Europe . she is presented by “Vancouver fine art gallery , Chali -Roso gallery , Federation gallery , North Van art.

Dear Farah, thank you for your time.

1. And let’s start with the pre-history Gif Nyam Cat sold for 600,000 dollars, and electronic drawings of Rick and Morty in the format of NFT, was recently sold for 2.3 million dollars, and auction house Christie’s sold a painting by BIPO for 69 million dollars well there are sales and tens of millions of dollars what do you think about electronic art?

– When electronic art is being encoded, NFT cannot be copied and cannot be broken It is less likely to be copied because every electronic art has a code in NFT, and this code cannot be changed and has the potential to be cod able.

2. And anyway what do you think NFT is a new trend and a hype, a tool of communication with new young audience or is it the same “tulip bulbs” that lead the whole country to ruin?

– It is permanent because what is for the younger generation is not about the financial discussion. After all, we are talking about a significant amount of money, The people involved with it are in high positions, and it is a permanent trend, not a fashion.

3. In your opinion, what is the phenomenon of the NFT, only that thanks to the blockchain technology, we can easily distinguish the original from the fake?

– It’s digital money, but instead of that, consider virtual cash in the form of cryptocurrencies, and we are investing in nothing. Still, in NFT, we buy art and invest in a real digital art piece.

4. We personally think that in this digital world there is a lack of classical works, works done in a more traditional manner, why do you think that each generation has its own technique of presentation of virtual art?

– In the past, classical work was limited to paper and different colors
Every generation comes into being, and according to the current technology, it should be able to present its art. The current generation is in the blockchain revolution, and this revolution should present itself to the artists who have to keep themselves updated with the current technology.

5. Is it important for an artist to be contemporary or does he have to be timeless?

– When we come to art, it should be timeless. Still, when we talk about artists, in addition to being contemporary artists, they should also provide for their families and present art that is attractive to people of the same generation, timeless art is valuable, but it might not have its original value in its own time.

6. Based on your answer cryptocurrency, NFT and blockchain are the modern demand of the times and it is impossible for a modern artist not to react to it?

– Yes, it is impossible for a modern artist because it is the tool of his work, and they must be in line with technology as everyone else; when technology goes in a specific direction, modern artists must use the same technology and follow that to present themselves.

7. What do you expect from the realization of the project?

– I want to sell digital art to raise money for charity for the Iranian project.

8. NFT is art or is it a digital crypto-revolution bringing more global changes than the fight against fakes?

– First of all, these two go together, it is art, but technology has also helped to preserve the originality of the work.

9. At a time when you can visit almost any museum in the world without leaving your home, what does the future hold for art?

– The purpose of art would be seen and experienced by as many people as possible. Therefore getting art in front of as many people as possible should be the objective. Technology plays a vital role in disseminating content to the masses. Technology allows artists to showcase their art to millions through various channels.

10. Will our world soon become a total NFT?

– NFT shows an image and is about art, but you can never turn a 3D sculpture into NFT as it has dimensions and other details that can only be observed in person.

11. NFT as a tool for what is strong?

– Digital tools are in sync with technology, and all artists must use them and cannot be coded or copied and cannot be coded or copied.

Author: Oleksii Didihurov

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