Miami Art Week: Ukrainian replicas

Art Basel Miami 2022 became one of the largest event in the world of contemporary art. During the festival art fair SPECTRUM+RED DoT gave the possibility to keep contact with Ukrainian galleries and artists.

Rudenko Art Pro is the project for introducing Ukrainian artists to America. In Spectrum this project represented paintings and sculptures.

In Edward Belsky`s works you can see the combination of expressionism and traditions of Ukrainian icon painting – the artist calls the women depicted by him Madonnas.
Color spectrum of the paintings expresses the author`s emotions. The biggest and the main picture was created in 2022. Black and red colors were dictated by the tragedy in the artist’s homeland, Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Edward Belsky  SPECTRUM Miami 2022

Mike Renard, Ukrainian sculptor, works with bronze. Each of his sculptures tells about ambiguity of stereotypes, each one ridicules the snap judgment. Artist`s creativity combines seriousness and sarcasm.

Mike Renard   SPECTRUM Miami 2022

Zabora & viniar gallery in Spectrum represented the works created by Les Panchyshyn and Yuliya Grzmehle.

Les Panchyshyn, born in Lviv region, could have become a football player, but his passion far painting won out. The artist says: “I want to leave behind something that will remain in eternity”. His painting, exhibited in Miami, fascinated the visitors by its brightness.

Les Panchyshyn   SPECTRUM Miami 2022

Yuliya Grzmehle, a German artist born in Ukraine, has unique style that moves between fantasy and realism, between figurative and abstract. Her paintings and works on canvas are devoted to the soul of nature: what nature can tell us.

Yuliya Grzmehle SPECTRUM Miami 2022

Artoholick online art gallery on RED DoT represented two artists from Odessa.
Vasya Dmytryk,born in Ivano-Frankivsk, graduated from the Grekova Art School in Odesa in 2016. He works mostly with sculpture and installations.

In his artistic practice, Dmytryk often explores industrial systems and their interaction with the natural environment, where new coordinated connections are created between them.
His pieces refer to figurative traditions across a range of cultures and historical periods. Dmytryk creates sculptures primarily out of wood, metal, composites, and found objects.

Vasya Dmytryk Red DoT Miami 2022

Anton Ostrometsky – artist and musician from Odessa, specialist in painting, graphics, audio performance, installation. Audio, video, painting – Anton often unites different kinds of arts. It was his first Art week in Miami.

Anton Ostrometsky Red DoT Miami 2022

Also in Art Basel took a part Oksana Khamnayev, an Ukrainain-American artist, working with alcohol ink, was born in Mariupol.
“The recent war in Ukraine have left me devasted, helpless and angry. It is hard and sometimes even impossible to believe in the future of Ukraine but I do/ I know that someday Ukraine will be the same I remember it, the same way I still want to portray it in my paintings…blooming, colorful and beautiful “.

Author: Oleksii Didihurov

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