WEB3 during Miami Art Week

While most of art dealers, collectors, gallerists and artists were moving among main sites of Miami Art Week 2022, our attention was focused on NFT and everything related to it within the annual web3 art program. No doubt that Art Basel itself is a huge event and this year was exceptional, but this new course gathers pace with more and more admirers and viewers, developing with the maximum possible speed.

Art in Miami occupies a very important place – it brings inspiration and creativity, business and lifestyle. But the main reason is that the majority of web3 community resides here, in Miami. And it’s no wonder that most of global events are focused on developing art exactly in the web3 space.

This time Art Basel was not presented just by artworks of classical artists. Creative web3 people have already created significant influence on classic art and gained much attention. Web3 community provided conditions for a big venue.

In a burst of web3 popularity more and more people join this space. Artists from all over the world try to work in NFT. Such brands as Nike, Porsche, Visa are already creating their own web3 communities. This META is getting more and more interesting for creators, cultural professionals and collectors. These facts prove huge enthusiasm and the power of web3 space and blockchain technologies. This direction is becoming an attractive instrument for everyone.
Such world famous brands as Nike, Prada, Adidas, Porsche, Instagram and Christie’s and others used this artweek to embody their ideas and concepts. They amazed visitors with unique VR technologies, incredible ideas and their implementation.

After the downfall of the global market many critics predicted inevitable death of the whole industry but the web3 community interpreted this period as precious time to build new opportunities, to improve and develop itself. An uncountable number of web3 events, nft and crypto projects, attracting major holders and enthusiasts, coming from different parts of the world to communicate, discuss future ideas and keep this feeling of cohesion.
Matt Medved, co-founder and CEO of digital media platform NFTnow, organized one of the most powerful events – The Gateway Metropolis. This event has become very popular among the whole web3 community. The organizers were able to start a unique event, gathering all the giants of the web3 industry, founders of blue chip collections, influencers, NFT celebrities, famous creators and the most powerful community. Founders of The Gateway made a really interesting event, combining educational and entertaining content.
Many popular NFT collections such as BAYC, DeGods, Akutar, World of Women, Doodles, Goblintown, Veefriends and others made their own events.
We could also visit an event by Nori project, dedicated to ecology and climate changes.
One of the most interesting and attracting was the pavilion by Tezos, which is the ArtBasel partner this year. There you could see some exclusive pieces of digital and generative art.

The company held several speaker series and curated a highly interactive NFT driven booth. Very soon FUELARTS, recognized for its analytical and educational excellence in the Art+Tech & NFT industry, will launch the Fuelarts x Tezos Accelerator in early 2023 powered by the energy-efficient blockchain Tezos. Fuelarts x Tezos Accelerator is a one and only opportunity for 10 chosen Art + Tech start-ups to join Tezos ecosystem and to gain support of the professionals.

In conclusion we want to say that Art Basel Art Week 2022 in Miami has become a very significant event not only for the world of art but for the whole web3 community. It showed everyone that web3 community consists of real people, successful and interesting personalities. Relations are created not only online on Twitter or Discord but they can also be very strong in real life. No doubt that such experience is just the beginning and was to the benefit of the whole community. We are sure, that in the future this creative space will get even more popular – new names, projects and ideas are not long in coming and we are going to see more such events.

Michael Joseph Winkelmann, known professionally as Beeple, is an American digital artist, graphic designer, and animator known for selling NFTs.
Andrii (ABHINAVA) Chernovil Founder of IQTARGETS ART
Nadiia Chernovil co-founder Chernovil Art Gallery

Author: Elizaveta Gladarenco, Nadiia Chernovil, Alexandra Bychkova

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