A Sunflower for Coca-Cola

It is one of my most exciting projects. The world brand proposed cooperation which resulted in a painting and a mural in the style of Samchykivka. Their attention was drawn to the art, which fascinates with brightness, courage, and optimism.

And I depicted «Sunflower». It allegedly wanted to be born itself. So easy, joyful, and natural, as if it grew independently to bring new colors to life.

The Sunflower bloomed on the wall in the new Coca-Cola office in Kyiv. It turned into a flower in its dynamic growth, symbolizing development and improvement, and it will inspire employees to create exciting and notable projects. The painting will be kept in the Museum of the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta.

This project is fundamentally necessary for me as for the artist. Because it means that my previous efforts and work on the revival of the Samchykivka art are noticeable.

Why did Coca-Cola choose the Samchykivka art? For its bright colors, unexpected plot twists, charisma, challenge, and that it brings life. And the company’s vision is to refresh the world and make a difference.

This project opens a new Ukrainian folk identity that shows national culture. Coca-Cola believes in the power of art to lend warmth and celebrate artistry and craftsmanship. So this is another opportunity for the brand to express its love for art.

I want to thank the Coca-Cola company for such an honor. I wish them success and that the brand always be turned to the sun and light like our Ukrainian sunflowers.

Author: Victoria Radochyna Ukrainian artist

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