Art De Vivre

The conversation with Galina Guzanova, a creative person, designer, business woman
of Ukrainian origin, adds lightness and femininity to our project.

What does the well-known phrase art de vivre mean to you? 
To live a good life…
Art means to live a good life, despite any circumstances, so that not only taking your breath away but for everyone around you.
For me, art de vivre means to be rather than to seem! 
I love the practical and athletic lifestyle. In our digitalization age, I still prefer live organic meetings: personal eye-to-eye conversations when you can embrace, feel, and exchange energy.
Human needs human. And all these online stories are huge self-deception.

You visited Art Basel Week in December. What did you notice? Are you a classicist or a modernist? 
Let’s put it this way: I prefer the classics in a modern interpretation. There should be a balance to everything. I like paintings with new technologies and I believe art is to develop the human being.
The art market in America is doing great, yet such niches as ballet and theater productions remain free. 
Ukrainian artists are known throughout the world. For example, dancer Katerina
Khanyukova is a soloist of the English
National Ballet, which is visited by the Queen of England herself. 
If we talk about contemporary art, I would like to point out young Ukrainian artists presented at the Art Basel 2021 satellite fairs – Nikita Kadan, Lesia Khomenko, Oleksiy Say, Mariia Sulimenko.
These guys make their way without any funding, performing at an international level. Many Americans with large budgets cannot perform like that. It’s all because we have our own ‘national code’.

What the ’national code’ means to you? Since you are from Ukraine, how did this play out in your life in the USA? 
I came to America 12 years ago from central Ukraine. I was born in a family of teachers who dedicated all their lives to their profession. 
My way was to nowhere with a small child, with no language skills, support, and money. 
But the motto of my life is ‘Only the brave deserve the fair’. 
Ukrainians are a courageous nation that goes all the way. In modern slang this means ‘pimped’. I built a successful business on credit money in a year – I opened a beauty salon, which was on the list of top projects in North and South Carolina. 
We are respected by many American corporations around the world for our responsibility, integrity, and courage.
Now, in a very difficult time, when there is war against my country, Ukrainians have proven themselves in the world for their humanity and fearlessness against putin’s aggression. 
Many of my acquaintances and friends who had dispersed all over the world wrote to me – and they had already organized themselves in a month, in such a short period of time, to start a new life in the new realities. The whole world supports Ukrainians now. There is a lot of trust in people and not always in politicians.

You travel a lot. What 5 things would you definitely put in your suitcase? 
This is a difficult question for me. Unfortunately, like any woman, I would never be able to travel with the essentials. 
But the 5 must-have things in my suitcase would be: 
cash and bank cards, 
first-aid kit .
I don’t like the discomfort of health, and I’m also always ready to help others: 
clothes and underwear for all occasions,
personal care products, 
The fact that a person stands firmly on his feet is best evidenced with his expensive shoes.
Well, and heels are a different story. I don’t know who invented them, but all women in the world owe him a lot.

What art hotels would you recommend to our readers?
My favorite trio of the global chain hotels is: 
Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental Bodrum, Ritz-Carlton.
A few of the boutique hotels I like in Mexico are Casa Malca and Azulik. 
If we are talking about contemporary art, I recommend Casa Malca. 
This is the former estate of the legendary Pablo Escobar.
Owner of the luxury retreat place Lio Malca is a New York City art dealer having a large collection of world-class art. 
In Casa Malca you can see the legendary KAWS mouse at the entrance of the resorts. Every time in Hamad airport I am inspired by his work.

You have things from world-famous brands in your closet. Do you have clothes by Ukrainian designers? 
I successfully combine items of world brands and Ukrainian designers. 
I always remain unique and I am proud to be Ukrainian. 
I have one rule: if you want to stand out, use a Ukrainian designer brand. That’s the reason why I always caught the attention of the first ladies of America. Fashion is a strong language of diplomacy, just remember the collection of brooches by Madeleine Albright.
And when people ask me, ‘Who dresses you? Which designers do you work with?’ 
I am proud to list my favorite Ukrainian brands: 
Varda, Natasha Zinko, Sleeper, RUSLAN BAGINSKY, Vita Kin, Frolov. 
Ukraine today is already a global brand not only in the fashion industry.

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