“Confession” Exhibition

“Confession” Exhibition: when Travel to Art becomes a visit to one’s inner Temple.

Every person has its own and unique way of conveying messages. We share thoughts and emotions, write and speak, cry and stay silent. In most cases we want to be heard and understood without words. We find our path for confession that would let us open our hearts and minds and reach out to people in case we would like to.

Art is an absolutely unique form of confession. It enables the artist to be free and choose whatever tones, styles, approaches he wants to pronounce himself.

At present every Ukrainian when pronouncing his pain and sharing the story of the motherland becomes a true Ambassador of peace, so needed for every person in the world. Thus, it is through art that we ask and answer questions, go back to the very beginning and get an opportunity to find light as if having confessed.

It is a privilege to get to see the inner Temple of the artist, who tells his story of beauty and flowers, dreams and childhood memories, and the world we live in: astonishing and glorious. Besides, art is a plain where different worlds meet and merge.

Temple Emanu-el became a home to the “Confession” exhibition, being its “Tree of Life”. Amongst wonderful masterpieces from Ukrainian artists one can also see the “Tree of Life” that is considered to be the chief subject in Ukrainian folk art, it is the symbol of family. In the very painting one can find the unity of the tree with Khanukiya, symbolizing the State of Israel. The painting is a dedication to the Righteous of the World, Ukrainians who saved the Jews in Holocaust risking their lives and families. The painting not only leaves room for thought, but also keeps deep knowledge, tradition and history.

Thus, every painting, every image, every small detail is a funnel to think and find solutions. Through the artist’s message, which is a true confession one might find the unknown roads and roots in his inner temple and make a confession of his own. Any exhibition has its own implications and a story behind it. One would probably want to know what is our story behind? What is our confession? We are willing to take you on an unbelievable travel 2art… We promise an unforgettable experience, sharing the light of Ukrainian artists who today spread the word of their wonderful motherland around the globe. We are here to let you confess to yourself in the atmosphere of Temple Emanu-el: take the wonderful journey to your inner world.

An art show promoted by Apter Art with the collaboration of “Travel to Art” magazine.

Artists participating in the exhibition:

Victoria Radochyna

Is a Ukrainian artist, a master of Samchykivka Art. Member of the National Union of Masters of Decorative Arts of Ukraine.
Victoria presented Samchykivka art at the Days of Ukrainian Culture in the Netherlands (2019). Kateryna Yushchenko, the wife of the third President of Ukraine, was present at her first personal exhibition in 2022. In 2023, with the support of the Ukrainian Embassy in the Netherlands and the Municipality of The Hague and Atrium City Hall, a personal exhibition of the artist was held.

The creative works of Victoria Radochyna are in many private collections both in the United States of America and Europe. And one of her paintings “Sunflower”, which was commissioned by the Coca-Cola company, is in the company’s museum in Atlanta.

The painting is based on the “Tree of Life”, which is the main plot in Ukrainian folk art. It is a symbol of the genus. The Ukrainian Tree of Life, which unites with Hanukkah, is a candlestick lit on Hanukkah – a holiday of light. Pomegranates grow on Hanukkah as a symbol of Israel. Birds are heavenly creatures of God who help us and give us hope for a good and joyful life.
This painting is dedicated to the Ukrainian Righteous Among the Nations – Ukrainians who saved Jews from death during World War II.

“Hanukkah”, 2021
32х45 sm (13×18 inch) Paper, Tempera

Yana Yank

Yana Yank is the human design generator who creates art, generates ideas and remarkable collaborations. She is in love with the ocean — her good friend and free psychotherapist. Desire to stay close to the ocean inspired her to move to Portugal where she lives now. Also, Yana is the mother of 4 amazing sons.

90×100 sm (36×40 inch)

Roman Mak

Beneath the surface allure of “That Same Garden” lies a profound and introspective exploration of the human condition and our innate longing for paradise. The painting serves as a metaphorical reflection of the timeless tale of that same garden, where innocence and purity once thrived before the advent of knowledge and its subsequent consequences.

Through the intricate interplay of vibrant green leaves and resplendent flowers, the artist beckons us to ponder the nature of our existence. The lush foliage symbolizes the eternal cycle of life, growth, and renewal, mirroring the interconnectedness of all living beings. It reminds us that, despite our individual paths, we are all interconnected threads within the fabric of creation.

“That Same Garden” is an extraordinary testament to the power of art to evoke deep emotions and spark contemplation. It invites us to delve into the depths of our being, to reflect on our connection to nature, and to seek the essence of paradise within ourselves. It serves as a visual reminder that, despite the challenges and imperfections of the world around us, the potential for beauty, harmony, and spiritual renewal lies within our grasp.

“That Same Garden”, 2023
91×122 sm (36×48 inch)
Acrylic on canvas

Andrii Chernovil

Andrii Chernovil is talented Ukrainian artist who works in different directions of visual art: easel painting, installations, sculpture, mixed media, VR. He often experiments with genres and materials. For example, some of his works include illustrations for magazines and book covers. The creator made it to the TOP-10 Spiritual Artists of Ukraine, and he also became the laureate of the Ukraine China Bridge Contest.

142×142 sm (56×56 inch) mix media on canvas
Palm Beach USA 2023

Oksana Khamnayer

If you ever lived in Ukraine in the summer, you would always have the most colorful and touching memories for the rest of your life. When you close your eyes and let your imagination bring you back to your family garden full of stunning colorful flowers and intoxicating fragrances, you can’t help smiling. You feel overwhelmed with the feeling of your happiest days as a child and once again reminded what experiences made you strong and resilient.

“Ukrainian Summer”
66x101sm (26 x 40 inch) on wood panel

Yuliya Grzmehle

A Ukrainian visual artist Yuliya Grzmehle was recently honored to represent the Ukrainian Art by the opening of Consulate General of Ukraine in Munich to the Bavarian State Chancellery, CEO of Munich Security Conference and many others. She also exhibited at Spectrum, Art Basel Miami 2022. She was awarded by Art Box and her artwork was chosen for Art Basel Miami 2019. Her paintings are in private collections both in the United States of America and Europe.

“Spread the wings”
60×60 sm (24×24 inch) oil and acrylic on canvas

Marta Alexandrovna

This work is in full view of the artist at home today. She loves looking at it. The drops dried up, but from time to time the flower petals themselves became wet and dry. There is no explanation for this…
“I really like looking at them. They give me a feeling of fullness, a feeling that a part of my home is always with me,” says the artist.

90×60 sm, 160×90 sm, 90×62 sm. (35.5.×23.6 inch., 63×35.5inch., 35.5×24.4 inch.)
Canvas, oil 2014 Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Rudenko Art Pro

Rudenko Art Pro is the project for introducing Ukrainian artists to America.
In Edward Belsky`s works you can see the combination of expressionism and traditions of Ukrainian icon painting – the artist calls the women depicted by him Madonnas.
Color spectrum of the paintings expresses the author`s emotions. The biggest and the main picture was created in 2022. Black and red colors were dictated by the tragedy in the artist’s homeland, Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

“Ukrainian soul”
200×100 sm ( 79×39 inch)

Author: Oleksii Didihurov

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