Welcome to Dallas Fashion Week!

From New York to London, Paris to Milan, cities around the world are hosting fashion weeks to showcase some of the most innovative and creative designs in the industry. 

Dallas Fashion Week presents DFW Forward – 

it’s a new international platform that creates a bridge between fashion designers, artists, and the US market. The mission of this project is to connect the local and world’s hottest emerging and established designers with visibility and opportunities, providing valuable resources that enable designers to develop their businesses and embark on their global success journey. Its primary focus is to give local and international creators the resources needed to enter the US market, collaborate with local businesses. DFW Forward provides access to collective runway shows and collaboration with US companies for the local and international designers.

Organized by a creative entrepreneur, a fashion designer from Ukraine Nataliya Nova with her impressive 17 years of experience in global media (Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar), event management and fashion in partnership with Nova Strategy Group is taking DFW Forward experience to the next level opening new opportunities for established and upcoming designers and businesses.

As a brand, entering a new market is always a big challenge, especially when it comes to the United States. New York and Los Angeles may be the first places to come to mind, but these cities can be overwhelming and unpredictable. Often, brands are left only with a brief 15 minutes to showcase their products and make an impression. However, developing strong relationships with clients is crucial to long-term success. That’s why Dallas should be at the top of the list for brands looking to enter the US market. Dallas offers an environment that is both welcoming and supportive for businesses, with a strong focus on collaboration and networking. With its central location and growing influence, the city is a great place to make connections and build a solid foundation for any brand.

 During our latest show we already presented 24 designers from different states and we continue to grow.

  In a bid to keep diversity front and center, Nini Amerlise, a multi-award winning Canadian Supermodel, TV Host and CEO of NA Management Inc, has joined forces with the organizers to produce the shows this year for Dallas Fashion Week.

DFW Forward is proud to collaborate with the esteemed casting and runway experts. Shaun Balkum is not only a successful model and aspiring actor but also represents one of the top modeling and acting schools in Texas, Bella Modeling School. In addition to his work with Dallas Fashion Week, Shaun has also served as a brand ambassador for popular events such as Coachella and Comic Con Festival. His extensive experience and expertise make him a valuable asset to every show.

Joined by colleague Reajine Sanders, who excels in creating flawless choreography and catwalk training during Dallas Fashion Week, the duo is a formidable force that ensures the success of any project they are involved in.

Week is a great platform for designers to get in touch with their direct consumers through a collective runway shows and marketplace. It provides designers with an opportunity to develop relationships with potential customers and showcase their new lines.

The decision to invite inspirational speakers for Dallas Fashion Week was a wise move. Not only did it bring a refreshing perspective to the fashion industry but it also provided a unique opportunity to disseminate knowledge and wisdom to the attendees. Among the roster of speakers, two stood out – Katia Stern, Mrs. Canada Classique 2020, 2x best-selling author, transformational speaker and serial entrepreneur, and Jimmy Hays Nelson, an esteemed personality in the world of high-performance business coaching with a 20+ years of experience as a stage and film performer, speaker, trainer, emcee and event host. Their wealth of experience and expertise proved to be a valuable addition to the event, giving attendees much to learn and ponder about.

With Dallas Fashion Week Designers:

Get access to collective runways and fashion presentations with the optimized cost of participation for fashion and accessories brands.

Connecting with more than 1900+ buyers in the US through professional email marketing campaigns.

Get access to direct clients through the DFW marketplace and take your business to the next level.

Our aim is to help these brands reach new heights through unprecedented visibility and recognition, as well as connecting with industry leaders and consumers and utilizing expansive marketing capabilities.

As you can see, Dallas Fashion Week is unique in the fashion world, and it stands out from the other mainstays like New York, Milan, and Paris. It has many features that make this event a great place for business development and provide an essential platform for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their businesses to the next level.

Oleksii Didihurov

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