When art and travel come together

Recently humanity got a lesson of how important it is to have the freedom of movement and life celebration whenever one wishes to. Many concluded that inability to travel kills the inner artist and connoisseur in the personality and can never be substituted by virtual means.

When speaking of traveling one usually thinks of people movement between different geographical points and locations. However, traveling has many more meaningful implications that actually bring changes to the person’s life. Traveling takes you to a new level of world awareness, one really comes to understand himself and his surroundings better. Besides, traveling prepares you for new pictures that you are to perceive and analyze, process and finally associate with your life experience. These pictures can be described as pieces of art.

Unique experiences fill us with impressions and emotions, just like pieces of art that shape us and give us an impulse to investigate and think. Every travel has its beginning but actually no ending, as one might dive into his memories and continue to look into it. Another point is that every travel has a route and it makes the ground for the whole deepdive.

Thus traveling is a pure adventure, gaining knowledge and experiences, which is very often connected with enjoying the moment, celebrating life here and now.

An absolutely one of a kind route is suggested by renowned architect, interior and landscape designer, philanthropist and artist Bill Bensley, which is his authentic Bensley Art Trail, from November 28 – December 10, 2023. This unbelievable 12-day fun-filled and educational  exclusive trip will take art enthusiasts on an exploration of BENSLEY-designed hotels across Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. The route is definitely a must for every person, especially for those who are interested in exploring the world and themselves.

Bill Bensley is a classic example of how a person can find new ideas and creativity within himself, being talented in many spheres professionally, still travel the outer and inner world and produce art. “I have been designing hotels all my life, but when I first picked up a paint brush just 4 years ago I absolutely fell in love with art.  In creating the Bensley Art Trail I want to share my enthusiasm with you and inspire you to release your inner child, while having a ton of fun along the way as we travel, draw and paint in some of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful places”, says Bill.

Every trip is an experience, every experience is a salutation of impressions, knowledge and emotions which are the key elements of art.

Keeping in mind the wonderful opportunity of art and travel, one should also think of a brilliant concept that Bill Bensley promotes through his inaugural route. There are so many roads that were not taken, travels that had not been started, art that had not been created, so it is next to obligatory to travel to art and unleash one’s potential.

Oleksii Didihurov

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