African Art in the poli poli style

Every person is unique, however we can be united according to our beliefs, geography, vision and mode of life. It is always inspiring to see how different countries and cultures find attitudes and approaches to life mode and how to actually live it. In African countries, there is a very gentle reminder to take it easy and enjoy the simple things in life, which is “poli poli”. In Israel, one is to enjoy the moment and literally make the life yourself “osim haim”, you are not the watcher, you are the real change-maker. When it comes to the USA, one can always notice that the life float resembles a colorful rag, made of very bright pieces that make one full picture, yet being very different. 

Lilit Sarkisian

When in Miami , one gets absorbed by the atmosphere and the life mode is to be sensitive to vibes and trends. 

Those all are very nice approaches and can be applicable to different situations accordingly. But in a modern globalized world we forget thoughtfulness and simple things. We come to believe that what we have is forever out there and do not feel the moment, do not find the capacity to enjoy it either slowly or here and now, we do not catch the vibe. 

Cassius Khumelo

African Art project offers a pause, looking around having the poli poli mode on here and now. The rich and long history of African art started many centuries ago with traditional forms like sculptures, masks, pottery. Recently the interest towards it has renewed among creators, collectors and art lovers from all over the world. Modern African artists raise such topics as personal identity, social justice, globalization in their art. They combine traditional art techniques and forms with the usage of modern styles and materials. That’s how it reflects the dynamics of African culture development. 

Cassius Khumelo

United by the joy of the moment and artistic values to be presented to the viewers in the very same African culture atmosphere there are 10 unique creators from 3 continents to “make life”  together with the viewers . 

Travel to Art invites you on an unforgettable journey in the poli poli style; the works of Ukrainian, American and African creators will be presented to your attention.

Cassius Khumelo

The exhibition will last from October 14 to October 28, 2023

Opening October 14 from 5 to 9 pm

Location Temple Emanu-El, South Beach, Washington Ave 17

Featured artist:

Angel Volnaya, Asanda Kupa, Cassius Khumalo, Lilit Sarkisian, Marichka Shkuro, Marta Alexandrova, Olga Adam, Parsa Afsharjavan, Ty Robertson, Yurii Demchenko


Oleksii Didihurov

Asanda Kupa

Author Oleksii Didihurov

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