Romantic Journey to Eilat

Hello sweethearts,

Are you dreaming of a romantic journey with your beloved one? Let me share with you a story of our dreamlike little vacation in Eilat, Israel.

My name is Hanna, and my husband and I have been celebrating our anniversary by visiting the most amazing travel destinations ever since our wedding day five years ago. As part of our family tradition, we love developing our voyages by ourselves. For inspiration, we watch promotional videos of different countries. Recently, we were looking for a beautiful and comfy resort where we could relax and get energized at the same time.

I like yoga and serene atmospheres, places where I can focus on improving my mental health and practice mindfulness. I am often inspired by the sunrise, a time when you can witness the world awakening, enjoy silence, and birdwatching. My husband, on the other hand, is an adventure seeker who is always curious, brave, and open to new experiences. For us, the perfect tourist destination is a blend of natural wonders, thrilling adventures, and breathtaking views for romantic evenings.

The south of Israel seemed like a remarkable destination for us. We booked a hotel in the heart of Eilat that offered breathtaking views of the Red Sea. Winter in Eilat is just as good as summer with many beautiful places for active recreation. The pleasant winter temperatures in the Gulf of Eilat, majestic sunrises and sunsets, and regal red mountains were just perfect for a romantic holiday.

On the first day of our vacation, we explored the hotel facilities to their fullest. I had visited Israel before and knew that hotels in Eilat usually meet tourists’ highest expectations. Our plan for the day was to taste authentic Israeli food, enjoy a refreshing swim in the seafront pool, and relax in the rooftop bar with a stunning view of the Red Sea mountains. We were excited to sample the magical Israeli cuisine, a fusion of culinary traditions from numerous world countries. In Israel, one can find culinary treats to satisfy any exquisite and sophisticated taste.

For the second day of our vacation, we planned to visit the Dolphin Reef and swim with the dolphins. Winter in Eilat is the best time for diving in the Red Sea, famous for its underwater life and coral reefs. We also had an exciting experience in a small private pool for relaxation at the Dolphin Reef’s SPA Stalbet Al Hamaim.

After that, we went to the Underwater Observatory Marine Park, which has a museum, an aquarium, shark pools, and an oceanarium. The museum submerged into the sea at a depth of 10 meters thrilled us with its bright-colored fish and sea creatures – all from the comfort and safety of the seafloor. Relaxed and happy, we returned to the hotel.

In the evening, we strolled along the sea promenade in search of a romantic restaurant for dinner. I wasn’t expecting another exciting experience that awaited me that marvelous night. A beautiful ring made of fine green-blue malachite, the famous Eilat stone, was presented to me. Now, everyone who sees me wearing it will know that I have visited Israel. Israeli jewelry designers create real masterpieces, so remember to plan your Eilat shopping accordingly. It is even more enjoyable because Eilat is tax-free.

The next morning, we planned to explore Timna Park, located 25 kilometers north of Eilat. Be sure to include this place in your travel bucket list. This national geological park is a site of ancient copper mines and is famous for its unique landscapes, hiking trails, rock formations, including Solomon’s Pillars, and other spectacular rocks and mountains of different shapes and colors. You will be fascinated by the unbelievable miracles of nature.

During the remaining days of our romantic holiday, we enjoyed exploring the desert attractions surrounding Eilat. A trip to the desert provided us with the much-needed feeling of silence, calmness, and faith. However, we’ll save the details of our romantic desert adventures for our next story.

Israel is truly an unforgettable land. To be continued…

Author: Hanna Romanenko

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