Autumn & Harvest Fest in Mriya

The whole idea revolved around these monochrome plates of the 19th century. When I saw them at my friend, the antique dealer Fergus, I couldn’t breathe and immediately bought a set of 12 pieces.

Firstly, because such a number of antique plates of one series, in one place, is, in principle, impossible.

Secondly, this is England, the Wedgwood company, yes, that is exactly the famous royal potter, Darwin’s grandfather, who shook the world of ceramicists and woke up famous the morning after creating a service for Queen Charlotte.

Also because such a picture was typical for France and not for England. Of course, I grabbed them and bought them without thinking, although the price is quite high. Then I called my friend Olga Tsybytovska and showed her this treasure. This is how the idea was born to make a cozy, aesthetic and delicious autumn dinner with antique porcelain, silver-plated candlesticks, trays, dahlias and pumpkins.

We wanted to involve all the senses – taste, feeling of texture, pleasant music, the aroma of dishes and the colors of autumn flowers did their job. Guests tasted, enjoyed a specially designed menu, chatted and immersed themselves a little in the history of English porcelain and etiquette.

We consider the debut a success and plan to periodically hold such events. Follow the announcements.

Photo by Maria Isai

Bendikow Olha

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