Competition participants nomination: the best artist (part 1)

Alina Yoffe
Country: Israel \ Israel (country of origin \ country of residence)

West-East (Mizrah-Maarav) 40X30 Paper Cut, Canson 160g

Life undergoes grand transformations transitioning from the “West” to the “East,” yet amidst the upheaval, Jerusalem emerges as the anchor of tranquility. In the southern realms like Israel, Ursa Major graces the sky in an inverted dance, contrasting its orientation in northern countries. Like the eternal dance of Yin and Yang, life’s intricate tapestry is woven with interconnections.
Within this piece, I recount the chapters of my life — a narrative spanning childhood and youth in Ukraine to seasoned maturity in Israel. Jerusalem, a city bridging these disparate periods, serves as the unifying force. The lion, emblematic of Jerusalem, symbolizes a return to equilibrium and harmony.

Anna Bondar

Country: Ukraine

Water lily II, 100×100 cm


Country: USA (Ukraine) \ UK

This diptych delves into the intersection of my twin passions, algebra and geometry, with a captivating link to quantum physics. The left painting, “Algebra with Schrödinger’s Cat,” intricately intertwines abstract symbols and an equation, featuring the “identity of the three squares.” On the right, “Geometry with Schrödinger’s Cat” showcases geometric precision, incorporating the Euler line concept.

Both paintings feature Schrödinger’s cat, adding an air of mystery and alluding to the quantum mechanics thought experiment by physicist Erwin Schrödinger. This diptych offers a thought-provoking exploration of the intricate relationship between mathematics and physics, blending abstract art with profound scientific concepts.

Angel Volnaya

Country: Ukraine \ USA

Dear friend, immerse yourself in the realm of emotions, where thoughts become intentional voyagers across the boundless expanse of time. Our most potent thoughts traverse the limitless space, bridging the world of visible reality with a realm where every occurrence has already unfolded. Art captures these defining moments, offering a journey that imparts new lessons and inspires creation.
I aspire for my work to be a catalyst for heartfelt conversations, sparking discussions through the emotions it evokes. To me, art is a divine language, a means to conquer the unexplored and marvel at the extraordinary aspects of life that elude our direct experience. It’s a journey through time, painting the canvas with the vibrant hues of the world’s philosophical essence.

Anna Bukhareva

Country: USA

In “Metamorphosis,” I explore parallels between butterflies’ life cycles and human experiences, emphasizing the importance of embracing each phase with patience and appreciation. Symbolizing growth and transition, the artwork encourages viewers to reflect on their personal journeys. Like butterflies, humans evolve through various stages, requiring time to reach their full potential. Societal pressures and internal struggles can induce a sense of urgency, hindering our ability to appreciate the present and impeding personal growth.

Anna Meyster

Country: Ukraine \ USA
Description of concept: TOYS Collection: A Vivid Dance of Geometry and Nostalgia

The TOYS collection is a vibrant tribute, blending the joyous essence of childhood with a tender acknowledgment of its transient nature. Through geometric shapes, patterns, and vivid colors, it captures the primal affection for toys, serving as a bridge between nostalgic memories and the structured reality of adulthood. The artwork explores the emotional imprint left by these relics of early interactions, evoking untainted happiness. Yet, there is a poignant undertone to the collection—a subtle commentary on the evolution of our relationship with these objects. What was once a source of endless wonder now seems distant, almost foreign, as the rigors of routine and adulthood have redefined our perception of playfulness.

Anthony Ardavin

Country: Cuban/American \ USA

The Language of Art
Oil on wood
24 by 16 inches

Delnara El

Country: Ukraine \ Turkey

“Impressions of War” is a poignant series of hand-monotypes seamlessly blending nature’s beauty, human habitation, and the haunting specter of war. Juxtaposing plants, houses, and anti-tank hedgehogs, the artworks provide a visual commentary on the delicate balance between tranquility and disruption. This series invites contemplation on the urgent need for harmony, understanding, and the preservation of nature in the face of conflict—a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the healing power of nature even in the darkest times.

Denys Tymchyshyn

Country: Ukraine \ Ukraine

“Brother’s Grave,” encapsulates the artistic experience, urging reflection on the conflict’s brutality and the loss of innocent lives. The red square at the canvas’s center symbolizes the blood and suffering engulfing the country, while the black background intensifies feelings of loss, sadness, and hopelessness. The artwork prompts contemplation on life’s value, willpower, freedom, and the crucial need for peace and the preservation of human dignity as our paramount support.

Elena Yevtuschenko

Country: Ukraine \ USA

Eva Pink

Country: Ukraine \ USA
This artwork, titled “Resilient Bonds,” delves into a profound concept encapsulated by the poignant connection between a face and two horses. The inspiration for this piece stems from a deeply personal experience — a friend’s courageous effort to safeguard her horses during the war in Ukraine. Amidst the chaos of war, she sought refuge for her horses in Crimea, a region characterized by majestic mountains and breathtaking nature – an element skillfully woven into the artwork. Beyond the visual narrative, hidden words within the piece add layers of meaning, inviting viewers to unravel the story within.

Ian Bal

Country: Ukraine \ United Kingdom

This art project delves into the intricate tapestry of post-Soviet realism, unraveling its architectural and cultural legacy with a focus on its emblematic balconies. Through a visual exploration of these elevated structures, the project seeks to capture the essence of a bygone era, offering viewers a nuanced perspective on the enduring impact of Soviet aesthetics. “Balconies of Resilience” invites contemplation on the intersections of architecture and culture, providing a captivating lens through which to witness the intricate threads of history woven into these emblematic structures.

Igor Stepanyk

Country: Ukraine \ Ukraine

This artwork is part of a series of 35 portraits exploring the diminishing cultural significance of cows in Ukraine. Once revered as sacred animals symbolizing Ukraine’s heritage, the rapid decline in their numbers reflects a fading tradition of domestic cow-keeping.
“Moo Moo” emerged from this exploration, gaining heightened relevance during an exhibition at the National Museum of Kyiv. The series took on additional significance when, during the exhibition, Russian soldiers undermined the Kakhovskaya Dam, marking a catastrophic event. Beyond a simple cow on canvas, “Moo Moo” transformed into a potent symbol, encapsulating the cultural loss and upheaval experienced in the face of vanishing traditions.


Country: Ukraine \ United Kingdom

The work of this artist possesses a unique ability to articulate the profound pain and enduring struggle of her native Ukraine amid the ongoing war. Through a masterful interplay of color and form, she crafts a visceral experience that transcends the canvas, vividly portraying the human cost of conflict and the unwavering resilience of the Ukrainian people. It is a potent testament to the indispensable role of art in articulating the intricate nuances of the human experience, offering a poignant reflection on the complexities woven into the fabric of her nation’s journey.

Julia Kalinceva

Country: Ukraine \ Ukraine

“Regeneration”. Mixed-media on canvas. 70×50 cm. 2022

“Regeneration” is a painting composed of fragments from 27 artworks created by the artist in workshops between 2016 and 2018. These individual pieces, while not fully reflective of the artist’s identity, mark a significant phase in their artistic development. Each painting, initially independent, serves as a stepping stone for personal growth.
The artwork delves into the concept that experiences, once freed from external influences and outdated forms, undergo a transformative process. “Regeneration” symbolizes the artist’s journey of reinterpretation, where the destruction of obsolete forms creates space for a unique expression of personality.

Kateryna Kryvolap

Country: Ukraine \ Canada

The painting showcases a tree as a representation of profound heritage, tradition, and a bridge to ancestral roots. This imagery extends beyond personal ties to encompass the wider community, signifying enduring values and aspirations. Immersed within the canvas are classical elements of distinctive Petrykivka art, it’s seamlessly interwoven with my contemporary interpretation. This synergy takes observers on a journey through artistic evolution, capturing tradition’s core while infusing it with modern allure. The artwork not only echoes the past but also propels artistic expression into the present and future, aligning with the exhibition’s theme of embarking on an artistic odyssey.

Koneva art

Country Ukraine \ Ukraine

“power of energy” 2023
Canvas 150×100 cm, acrylic, luminescent acrylic, varnish

In my artistic world, love is the sole focal point, the enchanting force that guides my creations. I exclusively immerse myself in the realms that orbit this profound emotion.
To me, love is my magic—the essence that infuses life into my work.
In a world increasingly driven by the need for explanations, I find sanctuary in the belief that true art eludes easy understanding. A picture loses its artistic essence when fully explained, as it is in the mysterious nuances and unspoken emotions that art finds its true power.

Luis Toro

Country: Venezuela \ USA


Cover picture: Denys Tymchyshyn

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