Competition participants nomination: the best artist (part 2)

Marta Alexandrovna

Country: Ukraine \ USA (country of origin \ country of residence)

«My Art is my Soul.» M.A.
Marta and art have been inseparable all her life, therefore each picture is a self-expression of the feelings and perception of this world by the artist herself.
40in.x30 in. (102×76 cm.)

Crafted in 2021 in the vibrant city of Miami, USA, this piece holds a special place in the “Naked Art” collection. While not the inaugural work, it is a highly anticipated addition. Symbolic in nature, this creation uniquely lays bare the artist’s soul, serving as a poignant reminder of the artist’s origins in Ukraine.
A homage to her birthplace and the starting point of her artistic journey, this artwork encapsulates the essence, abundant talent, educational influences, and cultural richness of the Ukrainian landscape that shaped the artist. In each stroke, it carries the flavor of her roots, a storm of talent, and the imprint of a nurturing cultural environment she calls home.

Oksana Khamnayev

Country: Ukraine \ USA

Title: “Ukrainian Summer”


Country: Persian-American \ USA

Title: “Chapter 24: My Friend Billy Sir Viking”

Created amidst the fervor of the 2020 Black Lives Matter/George Floyd movement, this artwork delves into an ongoing dialogue about systemic racism deeply embedded in Western culture. The piece draws inspiration from the divisive impact of the movement, offering a visual exploration of how an African American male might be perceived through the lens of an uninformed and prejudiced Caucasian perspective. Through “Chapter 24,” the artist engages in a powerful narrative, shedding light on the distorted imaginings shaped by racial bias within our society.

Raineri Bello
Country: Dominican Republic \ USA

This abstract masterpiece, bathed in vibrant red hues, emerges from the realm of generative techniques. A symphony of algorithms and creativity, the piece unveils a dynamic and visually captivating narrative. The artist’s use of generative methods adds an intriguing layer to the creation, inviting viewers into a mesmerizing journey of form and expression.

Rosana Friederichs
Country: American (Brazilian) \ USA


In these times of forgotten feelings, my inspiration stems from the spirits that once walked among us, teaching the universal truth that, in the eyes of the Creator, we are all the same. Their messages of love and compassion, echoed across centuries, seem to have slipped away from our hearts.
Yet, I hold onto faith that, regardless of our beliefs, we can evolve through unconditional love—the timeless principle found in the golden rule: to treat others as we wish to be treated. This simple yet profound truth serves as my inspiration, urging a collective return to the virtues that bind us all. So be it!

Tanya Einford
Country: Ukraine \ USA

Created just two days into the onset of the war in Ukraine, this poignant artwork captures a woman in the throes of fear yet steadfast in her resolve. Though her eyes convey trepidation, there are no tears. Instead, a resolute determination emanates, revealing her readiness to courageously defend her independence. In this powerful portrayal, the artist encapsulates the silent strength that surfaces in the face of adversity.

Tetiana Rusetska
Country: Ukraine \ Ukraine

№5 – from the series Divine, painting on canvas, acrylic, 130 x 130 cm.

Part of the “Divine Comedy” series, this artwork reflects on the fleeting nature of happiness and life. It delves into the contemplative journey of constructively seeking the foundation of all things within oneself, intricately woven into the vast expanse of the divine plan. Through this visual exploration, the artist invites viewers to ponder the transient beauty of existence and the profound connection between the self and the cosmic design.

Tia Nielsen
Country: Ukraine \ Denmark

Within this captivating artwork, a symphony of profound elements unfolds, weaving together the inexhaustible forces of hope, spirit, and the boundless capabilities of the human mind. It stands as a visual ode to the ceaseless range of emotions, the infinite tapestry of possibilities, and the expansive realm of dreams that reside within the depths of our being. The canvas becomes a vessel for the exploration of the infinite—the uncharted territories where hope sparks, spirit soars, and the mind unfurls in a dance of creativity.

Ty Robertson
Country: USA \ USA

Tribe: Acrylic/Mixed Media. 24×36 inches

This particular piece is a resonant chapter within a series dedicated to the celebration of cultural diversity often sidelined in the broader art world. Each work in this series serves as a vibrant tribute, passionately highlighting the unique narratives, traditions, and perspectives of cultures that deserve more prominence.
Through the artist’s skillful brushstrokes and nuanced portrayal, this collection becomes a visual symphony that invites viewers to appreciate the intricate tapestry of humanity. It’s a deliberate effort to amplify voices that have been underrepresented, fostering a richer, more inclusive dialogue within the artistic landscape.

Victoriia Droniv
Country: Ukraine \ USA

This artwork serves as a reflection of my artistic journey and the emotions embedded within both myself and my native Ukraine. Vibrant fragments symbolize the stones of pain within souls, painted in bright hues to signify the enlightenment fostered by people’s faith in each other. The iconic blue and yellow, representing our country, blend with additional colors symbolizing the beauty of art. The textured complexity mirrors the intricate yet captivating path of art, a journey that aids souls in finding harmony and peace.

Yaroslav Yasenev

Country: Ukraine \ England

In this artwork, a small boy stands at the precipice, contemplating a leap into a deep pool. It serves as a poignant symbol of freedom—both in thought and in the physical realm—a sensation we all experience during such daring moments. Each of us, when confronted with the edge of a pool, grapples with personal fears and uncertainties, facing our own unique challenges.
It’s a reminder that, regardless of our distinct fears and pools, the act of taking that step brings about a collective liberation. So, with a gentle encouragement, the message echoes: Take your step.

“Jump Moment”
140х70cm, canvas/acrylic, spray paint, 2022 (consist of two parts)

Country: Ukraine \ USA

Close your eyes, and let the canvas of your mind unfurl into the realm of your desired destination. Through the seamless union of art and imagination, you have the power to transcend the constraints of time and space, becoming a traveler on a unique odyssey.
This immersive experience is a testament to the transformative potential of art and imagination. As we close our eyes and allow our minds to wander, we become not only spectators but active participants in the creation of our own mental landscapes. It is a reminder that, in this vast expanse of creativity, we hold the key to unlocking serene moments, transporting ourselves to places that offer respite and nourishment for the soul.

Yevhenii Shapovalov

Mystery of Flora XXVII (2),

oil on canvas, 120×100 cm, 2022

Cover picture: Tetiana Rusetska

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