Competition participants nomination: the best photographer

Anastasiia Burduzha
Country: Ukraine \ USA
Spectral Serenade is a drone shot that captures the energy of Miami as the sun sets over its iconic skyline.
Bathed in warm hues, the city comes alive with a kaleidoscope of light. In this fleeting moment, the juxtaposition of the serene sunset and the vibrant cityscape serves as a poignant reminder of life’s brevity. Like the dazzling hues of the evening sky, our time is evanescent, urging us to appreciate each fleeting moment and embrace the beauty surrounding us.
This photo invites us to celebrate the present, to savor the magic of great evenings, and to recognize the precious, ephemeral nature of life.

Anastasiia Polikova
Country: Ukraine
In every reflection, in every journey, we see a piece of ourselves and our homeland. Because no matter where you are, you will never run away from your roots, and even if we Ukrainians are scattered all over the world like flowers sprouting on a new land, our code will always be with us in our hearts.

Den Art Miami
Country: USA
My first trip to the dream city of New York. The photo was taken in 2017. At that moment, I decided to click the camera and find myself in a movie because this city left a lasting impression on me and looked like a long movie. I was inspired by a couple walking in front of me with an open black umbrella, strolling through Manhattan, and I thought… they don’t even realize that they will become a little story in my life…
This photo is actually in color, but I thought the black and white version would represent the journey into art through my eyes for many people.

Country: USA \ USA
I am an Orlando-based fine art photographer. My work captures the enchanting essence of natural Florida and transforms it into a paradise within my imagination. With an education and experience in drawing, Chinese literature, cinema and photography, I strive to use my unique blend of cultural influences from both East and West, along with my artistic background and photographic experience, to express my thoughts and emotions in a distinct and meaningful way.
This photo is a part of my project, Secret Garden, which centers around the picturesque Kraft Azalea Garden in the heart of Central Florida, USA. This serene location becomes a haven for nesting pairs of Great Egrets each spring as they begin their annual nesting rituals.
Captivated by the sheer magnificence of these elegant birds, I felt compelled to share their breathtaking beauty with the world. Countless trips to the location were made to capture the most extraordinary moments with patience and attention to detail.
Through Secret Garden, I hope to inspire a deep appreciation for the enduring beauty of nature and the importance of conservation efforts to protect it. I want my photography to serve as a clarion call, urging society to act and ensure that future generations can continue to marvel at the wonder of these incredible creatures.

Juan Carlos

Country: USA

Vermont Female Farmers: The Exhibition

In the comfort of the post-industrial world, especially living in urban environment, it is understandably easy to forget what an important role agriculture plays in our lives. The people whom we owe the food on our table to, live in the countryside and seldom, if ever, make the front page, so, naturally, they are rarely on our mind, yet, nevertheless, the very existence of civilization depends on their labor.

The idea of the project, focused specifically on women in agriculture, resonates deeply with the own story of the Billings Farm. All three of Frederick Billings’s daughters–Laura, Mary, and Elizabeth–made significant contributions to the legacy of the family. Ultimately, it is due to their efforts that the operation has succeeded and still carries on, and it is only fitting that these powerful portraits will reside in the Billings historic barn, adjacent to the Farm Life Exhibits, the place that used to house the herd of Billings Farm’s Jersey cows.

Fedir Martynov

Flávio Iryoda

John Herrera

Lex Melony


Cover picture: Lex Melony

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