Competition participants nomination: the best sculptor

Brend mira
Country: Ukraine \ Portugal (country of origin \ country of residence)

Description of the entry, concept, and main idea (up to 400 words) *: “Who am I? Where is my essence? Why am I afraid?
A flash of insight!
And I see myself surrounded by dark matter: scary… scary… scary… everything is terrifying, but I stubbornly go to meet it.
And then I feel that somewhere inside, very far away in these fears, a bright spot appears, pulsating, trying with all its might to break out of the darkness. The painting “Shadow of Mars” (size 100×140 cm) is from my latest collection of Shadows. I reveal how the shadow fights the light, and how the light absorbs the darkness. I show my dark Mars, but when the light hits it, it reveals its true nature. It shows its beauty and shimmers like dew on the grass in the early morning. This is one of the paintings that metaphorically shows my personality emerging from the shadows of doubt. It’s a real struggle, in the broadest sense of the word. This is my power! Not only do you see the volume, you feel it. Light is the pulsating point that creates volume and shape. So this is a manifestation of life. I want to show the importance of finding a bright spot within yourself and continuing to fill and enliven it to all those who are just starting their journey. I tell them how important it is to have the courage to go against the stereotypes that exist.
And how important it is to believe in yourself, in your uniqueness, and in your victory!

Elena Evtushenko
Country: Ukraine \ USA

Earth-Final Destination. Human Invasion. Depleting Resources. Unprecedented Pollution. Global Warming…
Doomsday is approaching for Humanity (driven by Greed, a lack of concern for its home, and misplaced priorities) and in the blink of an eye we will reach the point where only our footprints will be left as evidence of our existence.
And what’s left of our invasion will get another chance.

Favna art
Country: Ukraine \ Italy

The conceptual sculpture “Thoughts” serves as a visual reminder. A reminder that it is our Thoughts that shape our reality. The spheres on the sculpture close the woman’s eyes and head, symbolizing our Thoughts.
Thoughts that constantly engulf us, serving as the direct cause of everything that happens in our lives… Through this artwork, I wanted to remind everyone that it is our thoughts that shape our reality! So that each time you look at the sculpture, you will remember that only our thoughts stand between us and our perception of reality…
We are capable of anything! Our thoughts alone can either hinder or help us…!
Between our understanding of each other, it is always our thoughts that stand…
It is always our thoughts that stand between us and our dreams…
Our Thoughts, which have the power to alter our day. A day that could alter our entire life…
The sculpture is made like a vase in which you can put something because you choose what you want to fill your thoughts with.
As Friedrich Nietzsche once said:
“Whether a person is happy or unhappy depends only on their thoughts, not external circumstances. By controlling one’s thoughts, one controls their own happiness.”

Country: Ukraine \ USA
Art depicting femininity, power, and nature.

Natasha Kanevski
Country: Israel \ USA
The spiky sculptural elements represent an attempt at control and how deeply rooted we are in our background. The sculptural elements are arranged in a circle to show our limitations and convey completeness.

Oleg Kedria
Country: Ukraine \ USA
In the depths of the interior, where aesthetics meet eternity, rises an elegant bronze sculpture adorned with gilding. Its forms, like a touch of inspiration, intertwine with the magic of art to create a unique and incomparable masterpiece.
Crystals, like stars in the night sky, adorn the sculpture, giving it sparkle and depth. They capture the rays of the sun, spreading a shimmering light throughout the room, like enchanted moments captured in stone.
This work of art is not just an ornament, but also a window into infinity. It invites you to peer inside, into the very depths of your inner world, transporting you to a realm of dreams and inspiration.
In every curve, every detail of this bronze sculpture, there is the wisdom of creativity and the uniqueness of the moment.

Roman Veligusky
Country: Ukraine \ Ukraine
An exquisite sculpture in the form of a lion stands on four legs with its tail raised. It gives the impression of readiness for action—a possible predatory attack. Its open mouth seems to emit a loud roar, creating a certain tension in the viewer. The lion’s torso is made of bullet casings, the animal’s head and mane are made of a mine shaft, adding aggression and fear to the predator. A thin tail that turns into a mine shaft at the end creates an imitation of wool that completes the overall image. The lion sculpture stands on a wooden stand with a place for a bottle of fine alcohol. The piece is decorated in places with green paint pigment, which makes the material look like bronze.

Materials used to make the artwork:
Mine shanks, casings of high-explosive, high-explosive incendiary, and armor-piercing 30-mm rounds from the 2A42 infantry fighting vehicle gun, cartridge casings for assault rifle ammunition, wood.

THE FQRM studio
Country: USA
Growing up in Yemen and Russia, we came up with the idea to combine the beauty of Our Cultures and colors to add some authenticity to Our Art Pieces. The goal of Our Art ideas is to leave an impact and inspire as many people as possible to capture their own experience or story when looking at Our Art. Behind each Piece of Art we share a story that contains Our life experiences such as Fear, Desire, Dreams, Freedom, Travel Memories, and Emotions.

Angel Volnaya

Country: Ukraine \ USA

Anne Koher

Cover picture: Roman Veligusky

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