A virtual future for creativity and business

New technologies are penetrating the world. Let’s have a brief zoom-in on digitalized art experience.

Virtual Reality (VR) and meta-universes are innovative technologies that predefine creative professions. With the development of these technology segments, more and more opportunities and prospects are opening up for artists, designers, architects and many other creative professionals. Today, virtual reality allows immersion in a fully immersive space where users can interact with virtual objects and experience unique visual emotions. This opens up new horizons for creative professions by bringing them into the virtual space. Painters and sculptors can create amazing virtual installations that will immerse viewers in a whole new endeavor of experiencing art. The prospects for creative professions in virtual reality and meta universes promise to be very exciting. As technology advances and the demand for digital content increases, the market for virtual reality and meta universes will grow, providing new opportunities for the creative industry.

Here you are the artist of your world. Personalize your avatar, create unique locations, and immerse yourself in your own virtual paradise. Teleland gives you the opportunity to be whoever you want to be, wherever you want to be. It is the gateway to the future of entertainment. New worlds, sensory experiences and unique visuals make your experience incredibly immersive. Metaviews and augmented reality (AR) are opening up new opportunities not only for creative professions, but also for real-world businesses. It’s not just about creating virtual content, but virtual replicas of tangible originals that can attract millions of viewers. Telelend, based on UNREAL ENGINE 5, makes virtual copies “live”, exactly replicating the originals in color, size and shape. This opens up new opportunities for selling and showcasing virtual reality and meta-universe art. Virtual reality and meta-universes provide truly unique opportunities for the creative professions. With their help, the fields of art, design and entertainment will continue to evolve and transform, opening up new horizons for creative people. Those who are ready to invest their talent and energy in developing unique and engaging content in virtual reality and meta universes will be able to successfully utilize the potential of these technologies. To date, there are already a large number of successful projects for creative professions that demonstrate the potential of virtual reality, on the Telelend meta-universe, . It was in Telelend that I acquired NFTland and plan to organize a 3D gallery and transfer my creative studio (ChameleonArtSpace) to digital format, where I plan to hold virtual exhibitions, installations, performances and actively develop new forms of creativity.

Yana Yank (Suprun), Artist and Founder of the creative studio “Chameleon”, Expert at the University of Innovation, and metaverse Telelend


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