Exclusive Preview of “Travel to Art”

Exclusive Preview of “Travel to Art” Spring Edition in Baku Celebrates “Floral & Art” Fusion

An exclusive preview of the spring edition of the esteemed American publication “Travel to Art” was hosted in Baku with a thematic focus on “Floral & Art.” Supported by “NAC” and represented by its founder and director, Nigar Babayeva, the event took place on April 19 at the “Sensum by Amapola” Sensory Laboratory. The gathering aimed to unite leaders from global creative sectors specializing in flowers and botanicals to discuss their significant role in shaping the emerging economy.

The event welcomed distinguished attendees from various fields, including florists, photographers, artists, jewelers, writers, perfumers, designers, collectors, and aesthetics enthusiasts. The spring issue’s cover was adorned with the iconic Harı Bülbül flower, symbolizing the essence of the season and the theme of the edition. Attendees were treated to a preview of the forthcoming “Floral and Art” issue and participated in a captivating Flowers Class led by renowned florist Kanan Soltanov from “Sensum,” demonstrating advanced composition techniques.

The evening was enriched by the presence of the exquisite Rose Bowl generously provided by the antique brand “Izum” from London. Local label “F. A. Valley” delighted guests with their selection of beverages throughout the event. Guests were also presented with exclusive gifts from sponsors, including the insightful book “Confessions of a Florist” by Oleksii Didihurov. Notable participants and contributors to the event included brands and artisans such as “Mozaika by Fazilya Rajabova,” “Hasanovs Jewelry,” “Nartist NanoArt,” and “Diana Rakhmanova.” The “Floral & Art” project will culminate with a grand finale presentation in London, New York, and Basel (Switzerland), further showcasing the union of floral beauty and artistic creativity on a global stage.

About “Travel to Art”: “Travel to Art” is an American publication dedicated to exploring the intersection of travel and art, celebrating the vibrant cultures and artistic expressions from around the world. About NAC: “NAC” is a leading organization committed to promoting and supporting creative industries and initiatives, fostering collaboration and innovation across various artistic disciplines. About Sensum by Amapola: “Sensum by Amapola” is a sensory laboratory dedicated to exploring the multisensory experience of art, offering unique insights and experiences to its visitors.

Svitlana Frolushkina

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