Merging with the Garden

Merging Cultures: Exploring Ukrainian art and culture in the USA Showcasing a harmonious fusion of contemporary artworks by talented artists from Ukraine and the USA, the “Merging with the Garden” event promises a captivating exploration of life’s ever-changing essence. This project by Rukh Art Hub and Razom for Ukraine is an exquisite art exhibition in […]

Nature’s Masterpieces. Enchanted Blooms of Orchids

A botanical wonderland persists in the heart of Peru’s Amazonas region where nature’s artistry unfolds in the guise of orchids. Renowned as one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, this lush paradise is a home to an astonishing array of orchid species, with each new one being more captivating than the other.In the Amazonas region, where […]

New York Dog Art Show

New York Dog Art Show: Unleashing Canine Creativity The magic of art has no limits and is not bound to human imagination alone. It expands to every corner of our world, bestowing its wonders and inspiration. In the magazine “Travel to Art,” we strive not only to reflect this magic but also to highlight its […]

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