New York Dog Art Show

New York Dog Art Show: Unleashing Canine Creativity

The magic of art has no limits and is not bound to human imagination alone. It expands to every corner of our world, bestowing its wonders and inspiration. In the magazine “Travel to Art,” we strive not only to reflect this magic but also to highlight its diversity and uniqueness.
Our team of journalists is endowed not only with keen observation but also a research-oriented approach, allowing us to delve deeper into the world of art. We compare, study, analyze in a bid to convey the most eminent and striking thoughts.
The preparation of a special issue of the magazine dedicated to dogs is not just another issue of the magazine. It is a whole world where dogs become the main characters. We have gathered a unique collection of paintings from around the world, abstract creativity depicted on a canvas by our four-legged friends. This project will be presented to the public on May 23 in New York City, at the Mriya Gallery, TriBeCa.

It will be the first professional curated exhibition of contemporary art dedicated to our beloved pets. In the course of our research, we have gathered a unique collection of premium brands that boost this niche to a new level, influencing the development of a new economy.
BarkAir – the world’s first airline that transports dogs, offering a special menu and champagne for our pets onboard. Iryna Karpova, a Swiss-based Ukrainian jeweler, a holder of seven awards of the International Carl Faberge Memorial Foundation, demonstrates her remarkable talent by creating superb jewelry art pieces, which also span to exclusive accessories made for pets.The collection of premium dog-friendly hotels from the Leading Hotel of The World network shows the advantages of vacationing together with our four-legged friends. And this is just a small part of what we have prepared for you.
The project by “Travel to Art” becomes an international platform for the Dogs Luxury niche, bringing together all participants under the auspices of contemporary art. Art has always been and remains a catalyst for modern processes in the economy, and the United States has always been welcoming innovators. Now here is a unique niche with new opportunities.

Our experts include dog trainers, art curators, art critics, and representatives of premium dog brands, who bring this unique project to life. We open the doors to your pets for the first exhibition of contemporary art created by dogs from Europe, Canada, and the USA. We have prepared:

  • Red carpet and champagne for your beloved pets.
  • Performance by the famous Leonardo, holder of three Guinness World Records, who will paint right before your eyes.
  • Presentation of premium brands for household pets – unique projects in this niche.
  • Raffle of gifts that your furry friends dream of.
    Our guests include famous dog actors, fashion models, dog artists, and dog influencers.
    Also, the attendees include dog owners from the world of art: art dealers, collectors, gallery owners, and curators. And, of course, our esteemed guests – UN Ambassadors from various countries and representatives of pet-friendly hotels.
    Join our Art world, a world adorned by our four-legged friends and family members – our dogs!

Oleksii Didihurov, Art Curator

Natalia Mitrofanova, Projects Co-Curator & Contributing Writer
“Travel to Art” Magazine

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