Creative industry leaders from Baku

As part of the summer issue of Travel to Art, with the theme Flowers and Art, I want to talk about five creative industry leaders from Baku, Azerbaijan
Each story is filled with creativity and details, which, as we know, reflect the very essence.
The American art market is a final opportunity for many creators from all over the world to present their ideas, and thanks to the NAC project, we show the enormous potential of East-West.

Fazilya Radjabova

A contemporary artist, famous Baku stylist, has been associated with the fashion and art for many years, in particular, with masterfully transforming the beauty of celebrities and making life even more beautiful. A good stylist can always see the final image from the beginning, piecing it together in the process.
Being a creative person and inspired by art, Fazilya Radjabova began to study mosaic, imbued with its philosophy.
Azerbaijan has always been famous for its mosaics, thanks to talented Azerbaijani artists. Fazilya Radjabova decided to contribute to the process of reviving mosaics in Azerbaijan and created a number of works in the form of mosaic panels that will set up an exhibition called Living Stones. Elena Suvorova also took part in the process of implementing the artist’s creative ideas. It should be noted that this is the first exhibition of Fazilya Radjabova, and it will be held in the creative space of Zaman Art Gallery, one of the principles of which is to support emerging artists.

Instagram: Mozaikabyfazilyaradjabova

Nargiz Hasanova

Nargiz Hasanova is an interior designer with five years of experience.
She owns a company engaged in design and architecture. Over these 5 years, she has worked with large, important projects, and quite successfully. She has always been a priority for potential clients, because she is distinguished by her observation, responsible attitude to work, punctuality, and, of course, taste.
One of her main goals is to be recognized in Azerbaijan, with the highest quality design projects.
And destroy the stereotypes that have been created around this niche.

Instagram: Nargizdesignbaku

Goshgar Nurlu

Smells are something that haunts us all our lives. Since early childhood he loved to listen to everything that had smells…
When Goshgar was a child, he and his dad planted a pomegranate tree, and after watering, the smell of damp soil and worms rose to the top. He will remember this scent forever, which was associated with patchouli. An unusual incident inspired him to get a keen on perfumery.
He began his journey as a perfumer at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, where he studied the intricacies of this craft. Having returned to Baku, he opened his own laboratory, Nurlu Perfume Lab, where he began to create his own collection of fragrances, hold master classes and create individual perfumes.
“We lay the foundation for everything in childhood and must stand firmly on this,” says Goshgar.

İnstagram: Nurluperfumelab

Aysu Mirzazade

She studied at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts. The artist loves to depict nature (natural elements) on herproducts. Aysu is a founder of a small ceramic brand in Azerbaijan. The project received its calling and approval from women. Aysu has her own creative style that is different from the rest. Firca İzi is recognized and loved in Baku.
Her vases are unusual products, like bestsellers. It is on them that the creator depicts nature and natural motifs, using 3-4 colors.

Instagram: Fircha_izi

Mahbuba Mammadova

She was born and lives in Baku. From early childhood, Mahbuba was involved in music and handicrafts, today we will share interesting facts about the creator:
Roses are her favorite childhood flowers.
Flowers are used as decoration in all of her works.
She draws her inspiration from nature.
“Felt is an ancient material that also has healing properties. Having learned about new methods of synthesis with silk, I decided to create an eco-line,” says the creator.

Instagram: Ozelim_by_mahbuba

Oleksii Didihurov, Art Curator

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