Luxurious pet-friendly escapes across the USA

Paws and Paradise. Luxurious pet-friendly escapes across the USA Embark on a voyage through a domain where pets hold court, adorning lavish hotels across the United States. These luxurious havens, ranging from cosmopolitan hideaways to tranquil coastal retreats, promise an enchanting experience for both humans and their beloved furry companions. Begin your adventure at Nobu […]

Blooming Horizons

Blooming Horizons: uniting Creativity and Sustainability Through Floral Art In a world where bustling metropolises and fast-paced lifestyles dominate, there exists a delicate yet profound connection that transcends boundaries and unites leaders across diverse creative sectors. This connection finds its essence in the enchanting realm of floral art—a timeless symbol of beauty, inspiration, and unity.Floral […]

Capturing Nature’s Beauty

Capturing Nature’s Beauty: the artistry of Iryna Karpova. Iryna Karpova, a Swiss-based Ukrainian jeweler, full cavalier of awards of the International Carl Faberge Memorial Foundation, stands as a beacon of artistic brilliance in the realm of jewelry design. Drawing inspiration from her architectural background and a profound appreciation for nature’s wonders, Iryna’s creations transcend the […]

A virtual future for creativity and business

New technologies are penetrating the world. Let’s have a brief zoom-in on digitalized art experience. Virtual Reality (VR) and meta-universes are innovative technologies that predefine creative professions. With the development of these technology segments, more and more opportunities and prospects are opening up for artists, designers, architects and many other creative professionals. Today, virtual reality […]

Meet The Hotels Spring Collection

New York, New York (February 2024) – Offering the largest collection of independent luxury hotels globally, The Leading Hotels of the World is pleased to welcome six new member hotels to its prestigious portfolio. This season’s collection includes five new hotel openings, demonstrating a boom in luxury hospitality openings worldwide. The openings include two new […]

Tata Kolesnik, creates timeless paintings

Tata Kolesnik, a contemporary artist from Kharkiv, creates timeless paintings inspired by Italian Renaissance I first encountered Tata Kolesnik’s artworks in New York City’s Soho district, at the Ukrainian contemporary art space titled Rukh Art Hub, where I have been working since autumn 2023. Tata, a painter from Kharkiv, like many other Ukrainians, had to […]

Competition participants nomination: the best sculptor

Brend miraCountry: Ukraine \ Portugal (country of origin \ country of residence) Description of the entry, concept, and main idea (up to 400 words) *: “Who am I? Where is my essence? Why am I afraid?Thoughts…thoughts…thoughts…A flash of insight!And I see myself surrounded by dark matter: scary… scary… scary… everything is terrifying, but I stubbornly […]

Competition participants nomination: the best photographer

Anastasiia BurduzhaCountry: Ukraine \ USASpectral Serenade is a drone shot that captures the energy of Miami as the sun sets over its iconic skyline.Bathed in warm hues, the city comes alive with a kaleidoscope of light. In this fleeting moment, the juxtaposition of the serene sunset and the vibrant cityscape serves as a poignant reminder […]

Competition participants nomination: the best artist (part 2)

Marta Alexandrovna Country: Ukraine \ USA (country of origin \ country of residence) «My Art is my Soul.» M.A.Marta and art have been inseparable all her life, therefore each picture is a self-expression of the feelings and perception of this world by the artist herself.‘UKRAINE’40in.x30 in. (102×76 cm.)CANVAS, ACRYLIC Crafted in 2021 in the vibrant […]

Competition participants nomination: the best artist (part 1)

Alina YoffeCountry: Israel \ Israel (country of origin \ country of residence) West-East (Mizrah-Maarav) 40X30 Paper Cut, Canson 160g Life undergoes grand transformations transitioning from the “West” to the “East,” yet amidst the upheaval, Jerusalem emerges as the anchor of tranquility. In the southern realms like Israel, Ursa Major graces the sky in an inverted […]

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