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Attention all dog owners and art lovers! It doesn’t matter where you and your canine companion reside; your beloved pet has the potential to shine as a true art-star at the prestigious  New York Art Dog Show. Join us in celebrating the beauty and talent of our furry friends in the vibrant city of New York. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your pet’s artistic prowess on a grand stage.

To enter the show, you can either submit a photo of your dog or personally attend in New York.

New York Dog Art Show 2024

The Dog Art Show is divided into 3 captivating sections:

  1. Capturing the beauty: Display a stunning photo of your beloved pet. You can either provide your own photo or have it expertly taken by our event photographer.

  2. Unleashing creativity: Watch in awe as your furry companion creates a masterpiece on canvas with guidance from our talented dog trainer. This unique experience requires a consultation to ensure optimal results.

  3. Celebrating your pet’s essence: Our talented artist will immortalize your pet’s unique charm through a sketch, painting, or illustration. It’s an opportunity to showcase your pet’s personality and create a lasting keepsake.

    Experience the artistry and love for canines at the sophisticated Dog Art Show.

New York Dog Art Show 2024

Geography: the international exhibition features participants from all over the world.

Immerse yourself in masterpieces created by renowned dog artists and discover the emerging talents of novice canines. This remarkable event is made possible by the collaboration of pet-friendly hotels, art galleries in New York: Soho and Tribeca.
Transforming the city into an extraordinary art platform during the esteemed Art Dod Show New York 2024.

To enter the show, you can either submit a photo of your dog or personally attend in New York.

New York Dog Art Show 2024

New York Dog Art Show: Contributing to Animal Welfare and Artistic Expression

Join us at New York Dog Art Show, a captivating exhibition showcasing stunning artworks while supporting a significant cause. As part of our commitment to making a difference, 20% of the sales from this event will be donated to the esteemed Ukrainian fund URSA.

URSA is dedicated to assisting animals affected by the devastating consequences of war in Ukraine. By participating in New York Dog Art Week, you are not only indulging in artistic brilliance but also playing a crucial role in providing a better life for these abandoned and vulnerable animals.

Experience the power of art and compassion at New York Dog Art Show. Together, we can create a lasting impact.

New York Dog Art Show 2024

House rules apply for small dogs.

1. Dogs need to be leashed and held by their owners at all times, both inside and outside of Art Gallery.

2. Owners are responsible for taking their dogs outside the premises for potty purposes.

Announcing the prestigious New York Dog Art Show 2024 where exceptional talent will be celebrated!

New York Dog Art Show 2024

Benefits: Experience the myriad benefits of joining the project

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