Competition participants nomination: the best sculptor

Brend miraCountry: Ukraine \ Portugal (country of origin \ country of residence) Description of the entry, concept, and main idea (up to 400 words) *: “Who am I? Where is my essence? Why am I afraid?Thoughts…thoughts…thoughts…A flash of insight!And I see myself surrounded by dark matter: scary… scary… scary… everything is terrifying, but I stubbornly […]

Competition participants nomination: the best photographer

Anastasiia BurduzhaCountry: Ukraine \ USASpectral Serenade is a drone shot that captures the energy of Miami as the sun sets over its iconic skyline.Bathed in warm hues, the city comes alive with a kaleidoscope of light. In this fleeting moment, the juxtaposition of the serene sunset and the vibrant cityscape serves as a poignant reminder […]

Competition participants nomination: the best artist (part 2)

Marta Alexandrovna Country: Ukraine \ USA (country of origin \ country of residence) «My Art is my Soul.» M.A.Marta and art have been inseparable all her life, therefore each picture is a self-expression of the feelings and perception of this world by the artist herself.‘UKRAINE’40in.x30 in. (102×76 cm.)CANVAS, ACRYLIC Crafted in 2021 in the vibrant […]

Competition participants nomination: the best artist (part 1)

Alina YoffeCountry: Israel \ Israel (country of origin \ country of residence) West-East (Mizrah-Maarav) 40X30 Paper Cut, Canson 160g Life undergoes grand transformations transitioning from the “West” to the “East,” yet amidst the upheaval, Jerusalem emerges as the anchor of tranquility. In the southern realms like Israel, Ursa Major graces the sky in an inverted […]

Autumn & Harvest Fest in Mriya

The whole idea revolved around these monochrome plates of the 19th century. When I saw them at my friend, the antique dealer Fergus, I couldn’t breathe and immediately bought a set of 12 pieces. Firstly, because such a number of antique plates of one series, in one place, is, in principle, impossible. Secondly, this is […]

Romantic Journey to Eilat

Hello sweethearts, Are you dreaming of a romantic journey with your beloved one? Let me share with you a story of our dreamlike little vacation in Eilat, Israel. My name is Hanna, and my husband and I have been celebrating our anniversary by visiting the most amazing travel destinations ever since our wedding day five […]

532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel presents

532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel presents Whispers in the Twilight, a show of brand new paintings by Italian-born artist Fulvio Gonella. Since his teen years, Fulvio has been enthralled by art brut. Traditionally, art brut artists “create their works for their own use as a kind of private theatre,” as Ian Chilvers said. By contrast, Gonella’s […]

Trending: art &  business  collaborations

As appreciators of art, both classical and contemporary, we at Travel to Art rejoice at the modern trend of cooperation between the world of business and that of art, which contributes to popularizing art among the general public. The current year’s September alone brought us several collaborations of worldwide known brands with museums and art […]

Sustainable hotels

As the saying goes, we have no spare planet. At Travel to Art, we recognize the utter importance of preservation of our natural environment. Luckily, we are not alone: a not-insignificant number of businesses all around the world have joined the global efforts to tackle the negative impacts of post-industrial society on the environment. Specially […]

Vermont Female Farmers: The Exhibition

In the comfort of the post-industrial world, especially living in urban environment, it is understandably easy to forget what an important role agriculture plays in our lives. The people whom we owe the food on our table to, live in the countryside and seldom, if ever, make the front page, so, naturally, they are rarely […]

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